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Regarding phd admission , ugc net lec. I have a valid UGC NET score (UGC NET LEC) under SC category, but not JRF. I have completed my masters in management and degree in Btech (Computer science and e

I have a valid UGC NET score (UGC NET LEC) under SC category, but not JRF.%0d%0aI have completed my masters in management and degree in Btech (Computer%0d%0ascience and engineering). Am I eligible to apply for PhD in management%0d%0astudies?. Do i have to write a seperate entrance exam and am i%0d%0aeligible for scholarships?
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Very good stand towards higher degree you must go for Ph.D management, as of now, you are not eligible for scholarship/fellowship as a financial support to your study program. I would like to explain different admission criteria for doctorate degree under section 3 of UGC act, 1956 which is common for all institutions including INDIAN INSTITUTES OF AHMEDABAD:

CAT is common requirement for a candidate other than MBA background and host entrance test is required to qualify for both types of candidate.

                                              <strong class='keywordbold'>Regarding</strong>-phd-admission-,-ugc-net-lec.--I-have-a-valid-UGC-NET-score-(UGC-NET-LEC)-under-SC-category,-but-not-JRF.-I-have-completed-my-masters-in-management-and-degree-in-Btech-(Computer-science-and-e
I will suggest you to follow some instructions:

1. Visit the IIMs and other premium institutional website and appear separately to all types of test at different institutions  and must qualify the entrance with your present degree then find the best organization. As you know few organization offers fellowship at host level then nothing to worry you should go for that.

2. Either you can join the teaching job to support your need and then pursue part time distant doctorate degree program, many institutions like symbiosis, Manipal etc do offer the doctorate program

3. Very important, you must consult any professor from any premium institute like IIMA might be possible he/she can offer you a position as JRF/SRF in govt sponsored research project where you will be called for your interest and specialized job and in return you will be given fellowship as well as doctorate degree. Make it sure that your interest of research is not being compromised. Sometime you do your project work in a project under the guidance of a professor/principle investigator as a project worker and get registered with other professor at different university but mutual agreement or MOU must be signed between your project research supervisor and Ph.D supervisor. Ultimately you will not be wasting your time while doing project which is well funded and managed by premium professor. At the same time you could be able to publish your ph.d work in a journal at national and international repute.

4. Start visiting good institutes and consult the type of research group where you fit comfortably, better you write statement of purpose but you must see the profile of targeted research group where they will also look into your profile.

good luck
Answered on Feb 13, 2014
Hello there

Thank you for taking the right decision in approaching counsellors at Mera career guide. I am certainly happy to help you today. I have been counselling students for education and career for over 23 years now. I can guide you today on this matter. 

Its great you wanted to do Phd, as not every one wanted to stay in education sector and achieve highest academic degrees and start career in teaching. One reason could be for this is students rush to jobs and earn money. But those who are directed to do a Phd can achieve big things because they have done careful analysis of what they want in life. They can achieve big things in life. So i heartily congratulate you for that. I have done a bit of research for you and here is my advice. 

Its great you have a 4year bachelor degree. Its also great you have a Masters in Management degree. But what percentage did you get in both these degrees? Did you get above first class or achieve first class in both these degrees? Universities in India demand students to have a minimum of first class in both Bachelors and Masters degrees. But as you are from reservation category, all the universities will relax up to 55% but then seeking admission is very competitive. Having above first class will keep you comfortable in my opinion. 

You have written UGC-NET for lectureship. You are well qualified to apply for PhD Management applications. But if you are aiming govet institutions like the IIT's, University of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta and other state colleges then UGC-JRF is must for seeking scholarships. So the criteria to apply for admission is to have a UGC-Net and for scholarship it is necessary to apply for UGC-JRF. 

But wait a minute. Relax. Do you know top, highly recognised and famous institutes can still consider you application for scholarship with your UGC-NET score card? IIM's all together accept you for scholarship if you have written ugc-Net at least. ISB Hyderabad doesnt want a NET score for scholarship as all students admitted automatically receive scholarship. But they demand you to submit GMAT test score. IITKGP, IIT Madras also doenst want a UGC-JRF for applying to scholarships. If you are qualified for a lectureship at least, they are very happy to select you and give scholarship. 

Please write back for further help. Good luck. 
Answered on Mar 29, 2014

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