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What to do after 2 years of experience in IT industry as a developer?

I have worked in IT industry for 2 years now as Oracle plsql developer.However, I want to know the other career path apart from development and testing. I am interested in profiles which require monitoring and more of documentation like ERP or Oracle HRMS. please guide me as how to move in these direction.
1 Answer      276 View      Added on 12 Apr, 2012     
Hi i was searching google with what options do i have after completing 2 years in IT industry and then i come across this site and saw your question and found that   you landed up in same situation am in..:)
franky saying even i dont have any answer to your question just curious to know more about you, anyway good luck...and if you got something worthfull do contact me on [email protected]
Answered on . 2 Sep, 2012     

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