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I am working in a BPO sector, want to complete my graduation, interested in programming languages, would pursuing BCA be a suitable option for me?

Will I be able to complete my graduation in a technical field eg : BCA, etc if I am doing a full-time job in a BPO. If yes, then how?
1 Answer      523 View      Added on 13 Feb, 2012     

Dear Bharat,

You can do your BCA but then with full time job it would be really difficult for you to understand and learn programming languages.

Doing BCA requires you good dedication and practical hours which would help you learn technical aspects. Apart from it after BCA if you expect to get job in technical domain then it would be difficult to get one. You will be required to do MCA which is a post graduate degree of 3 Years.

As you have said that you have technical interest I would recommend you to join short term courses from NIIT and related institute and begin with web technologies like HTML, PHP etc.

All the Best
Answered on . 13 Feb, 2012     

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