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Which of these course has a better scope- BDS or BAMS?? please help me!

I have just completed my 12th and I will give pre-medical exam this year, Obviously MBBS is the first choice but if I couldn't make it then what should I choose-- BDS or BAMS?? I want a good job in north India after the completion of the course. I have heard that BAMS has a lot of sanskrit in it..is it true?? I don't know much sanskrit (only studied sanskrit till 8th grade) what is the language of teaching of BAMS??
1 Answer      2923 View      Added on 13 Feb, 2012     
In my opinion, BAMS is better than BDS in many ways. BAMS doctor is a general practitioner. Look around you, in any city or town we have many big hospitals but very few general practitioners which are most needed for not so serious kinds of ailments. People go to chemists or RMPs due to scarcity of qualified general practitioners. So there is a huge scope for BAMS doctors especially in rural, semi urban and industrial areas. Dental practise in India is not going to follow the western pattern as very few people in a poor country spend money for dental treatment (they prefer tooth extraction).
Yes, they teach sanskrit in the first year only which is not very difficult. The rest of the study is similar to that of MBBS. In fact you will get a knowledge of ayurvedic medicines as well as allopathic. MCI also allows BAMS graduates to practise allopathy.
Answered on . 13 Feb, 2012     

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