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Career options after hindi honours - 1 to 3 of 49 results


After doing Zoology(hons) you can go for teaching profession or you can go for reseach work in the field  like nature, wildlife, enviornment or lab work in the fields of biochemistry, DNA, immuniology, microbiology. any more branches are there it depend on you interest which field you want to select.

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Hi ,
I suppose within your current organisation, you will have to spend some time across all the departments. If such chance exists, you will get the opportunity to explore your interests while in Sales/marketing department. See, how best you can transform your 'interests' in performance and then plan accordingly.
Sumit Basu...
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After completing a diploma in ECE one can apply for campus placement. If he/she got placed from placement then they can continue with that. But if they dont have any job at time of passing out. They may fill the forms for B.Tech/Engineering. Also sooner or later diploma holder need to hold a bachelor degree. As diploma can help you till a level. But to get better position/ promotion one must have to finish graduation. So better if you dont have any jonb apply for Engineering course. Pass it with a good score (minimum 70%) and you'll get a placement from college. Still you dont get a campus placement, dont worry, now its the right time, you can search for it and apply for it. You will get a quick response in comparison to a diploma holder.... ► Read more

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