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Dear Amit,

Most universities in India offer the subject Mathematics as honours.There are a big no of good universities in India which offer the subject.You didn't mention your location here so that I can give you the informations specifically.

University of Delhi,Calcutta University, Pondicherry University,Periyar University,Barathidasan University,Madras University,Alagappa University etc. are also good universities for maths students.So there is a long list for this.First specify your location.

All the Best...
Hello Kunal,

First of all congratulations for getting a good parcentage in your 12th.Of course you can take admission in any reputed university.Here I see your query is an old one so i think you have already taken your admission in any good college.

Best of Luck...
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When you will buy prospectus for the concerned program. All details regarding the entrance exam syllabus would be mentioned in that prospectus and all other related details too.

Generally, in the entrance exam,what you studied in 11th and 12th is there. Go through the details and study according to that.

Good luck...
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See..till d deadlines, all state boards gives d in case u dnt get dat den u hav 2 give a copy of net marksheet..better if attested n den u r given a date by which u hav to submit ur original marksheet....u may need to give dat in written(not compulsarily).
but im unable to undrstand ur state of mind...u wanna get into du too.....u wanna do bio. tech...wats all going in ur mind...frst make ur self clear
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