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Aerospace engineering in amrita college thalassery - 34 to 36 of 88 results

No Preet. There is no such provision in India....
Hi Ayusch,

It would always be a wrong decision to opt for a career by only considering as to in which profession people are highly paid. There are no ‘Hot Careers’. The careers that are considered Hot Today might not be the same after 10 years.
In today’s time there is scope in every field whether it is Medical, Engineering or it might be any other course. One should focus on internal factors like one’s interest, aptitude, skills, values, abilities etc. rather than external factors in choosing a career. Whatever one opts would become a Hot Career for him/her if the person has interest in it and has the caliber to perform with excellence in the same.

So I would say go about doing course that you have interest in and work had in that course and it will become the best course for you.

Best Wishes!
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ME is one of the broadest and oldest engineering field. Whatever the economic condition is there is always demand for good mechanical engineers. You can also try for PG level qualification like M.TECH , M.Design , MBA e.t.c
ME engineers are required in automobile, chemical, electronics, steel plants, oil exploration and refining, technical wings of armed forces, space research organisation, etc Several government departments including Posts and Telegraphs, Defense, PWD, and CPWD employ mechanical engineers. Aeronautical, agricultural, automobile, chemical, and power plants, as well as the railways, need mechanical engineers to design and maintain their machinery. In agricultural sector, mechanical engineers play a vital role by establishing service centres for maintenance of tractors, oil engines, pump sets, electric motors and other agricultural equipments

Almost all companies Automobile and auto part manufacturers , Aerospace industry , Various Government sector undertakings , Aviation companies , Steel plants , Thermal plants and gas turbine manufacturers , Air conditioning and refrigeration industry , Shipping industry , Engineering consultancies , Armed forces hire mechanical engineers .

You can find job opportunities in different fields in mechanical engineering -
Research and Development (R&D): Engineers whose role is to do research and then plan for new machines and their constituent parts.

• Design: Professionals whose responsibility is to draft technical drawings, manually or with the aid of computers.

• Production: Engineers who supervise the manufacturing of mechanical components and machines.

• Analysis and testing: Engineers who analyse and test different types of machines and their parts to ensure that they function flawlessly.

• Installation: Professionals who install machines and mechanical parts at the client location.

• Maintenance: Engineers whose primary role is to ensure that m
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