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As far as I think would be more based on which post you applying for , if you have done your dctoral it would be more centirc to your thesis.

If you have prior teaching experience most of the questions would come based on it.

Hello Dhanya,

when you go for an interview, there are few things to focus on

1. Be Relaxed and comfortable, don't panic.
2. Be confident and have a positive attitude.
3. Have all you certificates and resume organized in a file.
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After the Interview is complete Review your Interview questions. Find out the answers for which you are unable at answer. This way if you attend for 5 interviews you can get a lot of information on what basis the questions will be asked & how to answer them. And be sure, that if you do not know the answer tell them I don't know. If you think you can learn if they give time. Tell them, If I got some time I can learn.... ► Read more
Dear Mr. Rohit,

Thansk for your query.
You can pursue your PGDBM into IT Management or can choose specialization of your choice through distance Learning along with your Current Job Profile if any.

For more details on Course, kindly visit or or you can contact on 09029966116

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Yes, after graduation, BSE Institute has introduced 2 year full time MBA program in global finance market, along with job opportunity for more details you can check here ► Read more
As per my knowledge, IPU will not be holding a separate test. You should apply for NEET (common all India medical/dental entrance). 
online application website -
last date Dec 31, 2012. ...
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First of all congrates on qualifiying enterance exams it shows your hard work is in right direction.
As you said you really want to get merit seat and do not want to occupy managment seats then according to me you can take drop for getting merit seat but few things should be kept in mind such as

(1)You will be appearing next year in the enterance exams ,it is a long duration so along with your studies you should keep your confidence high because situations will come when you will need it most . At that time instead of panicing you should keep your confidence high and continue studying.

(2)You will come across many people who will say that you should have not taken drop but remember once you take that decision there is no turning back instead of thinking what they are saying ,you must concentrate on your aim and continue studying.

(3)finally it all depends upon your strong will and desire to get selected in the enterance exam .So always keep them high.

And my sincere suggestion to you is that before taking this decision you should sit back and honestly think what are your strengths and weaknesses related to studies because once you come upon any decision atleast you will be shure that i decided to do this considering all facts and there is no one i should blame for it.

So best of luck and feel free to communicate if you need to know anything else.

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Its just that you have to get your basics right...
first year mbbs is basic human sciences with subjects like anatomy,physiology and biochemistry...
it is more of a continuation of your 12th biology...
if you can start from scratch and in the first few days after college commences it would be great...
also you should read from standard books and authors rather than going for notes...
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Hi Anubhav,

Counselling is over now.I hope you attended that and taken admission in a good college.So concentrate on your studies.

If you have any more query please let me know.

Best of Luck...
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Sorry ...No point in even hoping...KLE does not have so many seats and is highly in demand these days..
However you can get into a college of your choice in Managemnt Quota....
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