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Aiims ug old question paper - 265 to 273 of 273 results

You should definetely try for BANK PO exams which is in coming June by IBPS. IBPS conducts exams twice in a year in june and in december. In june they conduct exams for PO and in december they conduct exam for Clerk.IBPS conducts bank recruitment exams on behalf of 19 banks. you can get the forms through online upto 25th march 2012. After that registration will be closed. You can do MBA through correspondence....
Don't worry about what have you done. think about future 35yrs is not that old which you think of.
You are graduate with certificate in IT if you wish to make your future in IT go for CCNA. just 4-5months study will give you a Good job in any networking company. if money is an issue now and you are good in explaining(English) for sometime BPOs will be a good option. any reputed BPOs(which works for technical process only) can sponsor your exam fee....
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It is good for you to do proffessional courses like CA or CS or ICWA. It provides you lots of opportunities.Chartered accountancy course has in depth study relating to financial accounting, auditing, tax aspects. Cost accounting course has in depth study relating to cost and management accounting. Company secretaryship has in depth study relating to company law.
Which course you take up is dependent on what you are interested in and what you wish to specialise in. Depending on your ability, aptitude, career outlook, you need to choose the relevant course.

Alll the best..................
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Hi Rinku,

Firstly, the difference between Mtech and MS is that the former is Indian degree and latter foreign ie. when you do your masters abroad it is called MS and in India it is Mtech. And like you said you are looking for a course that doesnt make you pay a lot , so MS is not a very good option (keep finance in mind).

Between MBA and Mtech, both are great options. It all depends on your interest. There are job opportunities in both the sector.

If you need some more information, do write in!

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Both the option have a wide scope.Both these options provides you great opportunities and make your future prospects bright.

But I advice you to continure with your current option i.e. embedded course. It will definetely provide you more opportunities.

Basically, It totally depends upon your interest and your capability. If you are intrested in banking field then PO job is a good option for you.

All the best................
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There is no point feeling guilty. You have scored less marks not committed any crime. You have got good job which is a proof of your ability . So feel confident . Prepare for GATE exam and once you qualified in it after that you can do M.TECH and later PHD easily . So you will get lot of opportunities of research and teaching . Remember one thing exams are not true test of your character. You are not the first one who have not scored well in the exam . There are lot of people who have acheived great thing even they have not completed their school education . There will lot of hurdles which come in everyone's life . If you keep feeling guilty and demotivated how will you fight them . So be positive . ALL IS WELL. So work hard and think for best . There will lot of things that does not happen in your life . But if you work hard you will also get lot of unexpected thing in return .Feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more
Dear friend you have a big lapse in your academic career.IGNOU was the best option for your situation. you can re register with ignou and persue your studies. first of all you have to be a graduate. then u can do some certification courses on software u like .... ► Read more
Anirban you know the first problem that you have planned so many thing . But solution to your problem is very simple . As you interested in networking you can try for short term course or full fledged master program . A master program and regular should be your first choice . If you are interested in networking then don't mess up with MBA. After There are lot of software, hardware and networking courses provided in our country by Cisco : www.cisco.com Juniper: www.juniper.com Prometric : www.prometric.com Microsoft: www.microsoft.com Nortel: www.nortel.com Novell: www.novell.com Sun Microsystems: www.sunmicrosystems.com.
You can also contact your nearest computer institute like NIIT, APTECH, CDAC, JEtking e.t.c. As for MBA is concerned work for few year and see that you want to continue in networking or not or want to go in administration side HR, FINANCE, MARKETING, OPERATIONS e.t.c . Don't rush . You can do MBA whenever you want . and as for as problem of +2 is concerned you had completed your +2 that is important and when you are applying for master program you will atleast have one graduate qualification . If anyone asked about this delay then explain them as you have explained us . In any case you have done+2 and is graduate that is what required before master program . Feel free to ask further question ....
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y can opt for b.com or bca do nt get depress many people get through this... ► Read more

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