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All detail about admission in.llb undergraduate in jnu - 1 to 3 of 17 results

You can go for MBA, specially if you are interested in Retail Banking, then there many colleges in India which provide MBA in Banking. You can look for NIBM pune.

MBA will give you much broader exposure and expertise which is widely recognised by the industry today....
Hi Jaya,

You can pursue BA LLB degree as it is more popularized and in demand.

As per my suggestion it is good if you pursue one course at a time as you can concentrate more on it. Many universities does not allow to pursue any course or job with their degree . After completion of your BA LLB course you can take up part time or distance course in any law specialization along with practice. All extra specializations done are add on to you profile. Which will help you to get better job opportunities.

Hope this helps

Good luck...
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Studying Cyber Laws can help the professional from technology to provide better organizational security to their firms and let them know about the better legal aspects of the issues related to e-business
Apart from being a full-fledged lawyer, one can get the job of

Cyber Consultant in an IT firm, police department or in banks.
Research assistants in a law firm .
Research assistants in a technology firm.
Advisors to the web developers.
Advisors in the Ministry of Information and Technology or in Corporate Houses.
Security Auditors and Network Administrators in Technology firms.
Trainers in law schools and Multinational Corporations.
Cyber Consultant
Security Auditors
Network Administrators
The course module will look into aspects such as digital signatures, consumer protection, dispute resolution, domain name dispute resolution, cyber squatting, cyber crimes, cyber forensic, cyber criminals and their objectives, the various types of cyber crimes in india or abroad such as stalking, cyber pornography, forgery, cyber terrorism, computer vandalism and crimes related to Intellectual Property Rights. The course module will also focus on the various regulatory frame works on cyber crimes such as issues relating to investigation, jurisdiction, evidence and relevant provisions under the Information Technology Act 2000, Indian Penal Code, Pornography Act and Evidence Act.

Feel free to ask further question .
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