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amti talent test results 2013 - 45 to 55 of 214 results

I have a set of questions to answer your scenario:

1) Are you working in a start up / MNC ?
2) how many years of IT experience do you have ?

A very generic answer to your question would be, start learning testing (manual & automation) & start looking for a job change internally first. Work for atleast an year in the same position to get good perspective from testing side of all the projects you have worked so far & this gives you a good boost.

clear CSTE etc certifications to get better view of testing & more opportunities to get that role internally / externally.

Dear Preeti,

You have already secured admission in Sri Venkateswara College in BA prog.You can continue with that.Because after that you can seat for IAS entrance exam.

The essential ingredient of succeeding on an exam is the knowledge of the contents and structure of the exam and the process. The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) of India conducts the IAS exam. The three-step process is: Preliminary Exam (Prelims), Main Exam (Mains), and Interview.

The Prelims are composed of two tests of two hours each. The General Studies (GS) test contains 150 objective, multiple-choice questions. It primarily covers six topics: the constitution of India, history, geography, economics, science, and current affairs. The second test is on a subject chosen, from among the 23 subjects, by the candidate. This objective, multiple-choice test contains 120 questions.

The Prelims are used as a screening mechanism for reaching the next phase of the Mains. Your first target is prelims.

As you can see, the process consists of mandatory and optional subject matter. For optional subjects, you should choose those subjects in which you have the most knowledge and greatest interest. Obviously, you need to master the constitution, history, geography, economic, science, and current affairs. Another critical dimension is the thought process, analytical skills, ability to articulate thoughts coherently and strong writing skills, both in English and in the language of your choice. Given a particular emphasis on the general knowledge, you must become an avid reader of newspapers and magazine that deal with Indian and international affairs, political, economic and business issues, and other current events.

You should buy guide-books on the IAS exams to practice and prepare. Approximately one year before taking the test, you can consider taking coaching classes.

You can read about eligibility, prepartaion and further detail of being an
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No . they are not the same thing . English proficiency test is designed to assess the test takers’ general proficiency in the use of English language as a means of self-expression in real life situations and specifically to test the test takers’ knowledge of basic grammar, their vocabulary, their ability to read fast and comprehend, and also their ability to apply the elements of effective writing. While logical reasoning is given to the candidates to judge their power of reasoning spread in verbal and nonverbal areas. The candidates should be able to think logically so that they perceive the data accurately, understand the relationships correctly, figure out the missing numbers or words, and to apply rules to new and different contexts. These indicators are measured through performance on such tasks as detecting missing links, following directions, classifying words, establishing sequences, and completing analogies.Please refer http://www.bitsadmission.com/bitsat/BITSATAPPLY/brouchers/BITSAT2012_%20%281%29.htm for detailed and right information regarding about syllabus .... ► Read more
First go through syllabus of logical reasoning to have idea what the section is about and what you need to prepare . Practice with the help of reference books and then practice with the help of mock test papers .... ► Read more
And also what are the options after physical sc if Im planning to study overseas??? what is the best which can be done??

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What do you feel about a career as Business Analyst ?
Shekhar Bhatnagar
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You can decide yourself in which subject you can score marks and you are interested in.
Accordingly you can choose a course you are interested in and
get good marks and apply for jobs.

Best of luck...
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MBA is a fashion and trend of  today's education system . 

Before deciding to go for this course, you have to device ur career graph , if MBA will help u to meet ur desired goal . then surely u can go ahead for an MBA  . 

As u have not mentioned properly about ur career aspirations, so commenting or adviseing to go for this course would not be justified ..

Please elaborate about your carrer aspirations which will help us to guide u accordingly ....
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For best results in any engineering exam practice and understanding of concepts are key to success. BITSAT is no exception to this rule. You will be tested on areas- Physics , Chemistry ,English Proficiency ,Logical Reasoning ,Mathematics . Before staring preparation please go through last year question papers to have idea of paper style, toughness level , syllabus . Actually it will give you the basic idea of question papers. what to do and what you need to leave and how to prepare for the exam . After that good reading of NCERT and understanding of concepts are must. Definitely you need to practice for all section just like other engineering exams. Questions are less trickier than IIT-JEE. There will lot of questions which will be straight from the NCERT books. Don’t spend too much time on a single question. In 180 minutes you have to solve 150 questions . Speed and accuracy matters. Getting stuck in one question will only ruin your chance . Also the candidate will have an option of attempting 12 (twelve) extra questions, if there is still time left. So increase your speed. Strategise all these things while practicing mock test papers . And the last but the most important thing- Relax. If you don't make it to BITS life will not end. Feel free to ask further question . You can take help of coaching institutes or practice on your own through mock test papers depending upon your abilities .... ► Read more
For admissions to I semester staring in August, you should have your result before 30th June. Keeping that in mind, you may appear in BITSAT-2011 if that is your year of appearing in BITSAT . If i am passing in 2012 then i need to have result before 30th June of 2012 if i am appearing in BITSAT2012.... ► Read more
If you have already appeared for the examination you can get the result by end of May or beginning of June.

Best of luck....
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