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Amu entrance result class 11th - 1 to 3 of 70 results

First u chose a field of your interest, b cos 90% of career courses started after 12th only. i would say if u think of any career based on your WISH, HOBBY. IMAGINATION,INTEREST,APTITUDE,DREAM etc,,, u can do by appearing an entrance test, like fashion technology, u have to write entrance test conducted by nift, if u opt acting as a career u hv to write an entrance test conducted by national scool of drama or national institue of acting pune etc...if u opt career in design then u hv to write an entrance test conducted by National institute of design,ahmedabad.if u r interested a career in Law, then u hv to write entrance test*CLAT*. if u wants a career in engineering then u hv to write AIEEE OR JEE..( from next year JEE may not be in force). many more entrance tests u hv to attend. here i would suggest you please be in touch with meracareerguide.com and read carefully the Q&A for better understanding of careers till your time comes to act....
Dear Rahul

You can join any coaching center depending on the location. There are a lot f coaching institues that are spread all around delhi like Fiitjee, Brilliants, Pie education , Bansal classes , Sri Chanakya , Sri Chatanya and various other institutes.

Just be sure that the have a good faculty and should be convenient for approach so that u do not end up wating a lot of time in just travelling.
Rest the course of all the institutes is always the same.

Best of Luck for ur career....
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Hi Zainab,

It is actually not possible to change your stream from arts to commerce but you can still try and talk to your teachers and school authorities about it. If you have a good score in your 10th class then probably you will be able to. Otherwise you can opt for changing your school as well if you are getting it and if you like it.

Best Wishes!

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