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Both of the institutes MAAC and Arena Multimedia are good for Animation training courses than picasso . Program contents of the both of institutions are same and both have good infrastructure and good faculty. you can join any one of them.

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The institute is good. Their degree courses are ugc recognized. They have on campus placements. As far as faculty is concerned, you can meet them and talk to them about the course and other things you want to know

Job depends on how you perform during the course and at the time of interview.

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# Arena Multimedia
# The Academy of Animation Arts and Technology
# Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation
# Digital Asia School of Animation
# Toonz Webel Aacademy
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Private Institutions

* Tekno Point Multimedia
* Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)
* Arena Multimedia
* Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG)
* Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA)
* National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)
* The Toonz-Webel Academy
* Whistling Woods International
* Escotoonz Animation
* Hearts Animation Academy
* The JJ School Of Arts

Government or autonomous institutions

# The National Institute of Design (NID), Paldi, Ahmedabad, offers courses in graphic design, animation film design, film and video communications and so on.
# The Birla Institute of Technology (deemed university), Mesra, Ranchi offers a B.Sc. animation and multimedia course at its Jaipur and Noida Centres.
# The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in Mumbai and Guwahati offers Master of Design (Animation) programs for meritorious B.Tech holders....
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there are many colleges and training centers in India
if u r graduate u can do diploma or degree course as per your requirement but for the undergraduates they must go for a degree.
Apeejay Institute of design, Amity, Jamia, Nid are among the reputed colleges in india there are also good training centers like MAAC, and Arena Multimedia....
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you can join any institute keeping few very important things in mind.
1.Visit the institute and talk to the faculty, find about the qualification and experience of the faculty.
2. Talk to senior students if they are satisfy with the institute or not.
3.Look for the set up and the infrastructure
4.Placement history of the institute and their placement support.

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Animation is a very creative field, let us understand two things
If you want to become animator based on your creative skills like drawing etc. degree hardly matters, there good institues like Apeejay, Arena, Maac etc. you can join any of them but remember one very important before joining any center just check about faculty from senior students.
If you want to become project manager and even want to take senior management position in any big company, Degree level course will help you because it will cover all the aspect about the technology which helps in taking decision about different types of multimedia projects....
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There are many good institutes offering Animation courses. Some are government and some are private colleges. You can decide where you want admission and then take admission accordingly.

Some of the good Animation colleges are:
1. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
2. DSK Supinfocom, Pune
3. ICAT, Chennai
4. BIT, Mesra
5. Whistling Woods, Mumbai
6. MAAC, Andheri, Mumbai
7. Graphiti School of Animation, Mumbai
8. Arena, South Extension, Delhi
9. Picasso, Mathura Road, Delhi.
10. Academy of Applied Arts, Delhi
11. Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow
12. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)

Some people/ students want to take admission in the colleges that are near to their place of residence. So they should remember some points before choosing a colleges for a course of their choice some first that the faculty in the college you are willing to take admission should be good, second the campus should also be designed using the latest technologies and lastly but most importantly check for the placements as well. The college should offer placements also. If you get all these things in a private college then you need not worry and take admission in it.

Best Wishes!
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Animation offers different courses..
animation refers to the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2D or 3D art work or model position in order to create an illusion of movement.
courses are as follows:
-arena animation pro
-arena animation international program
-arena animation academy specialist programme(AAASP)
-DAE-animation film making
-arena multimedia specialist programme
-graphics& web design
-short term courses.

all the best...
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There are many sectors in the industry where we have jobs for animators & designers, you can take a job in Publishing companies like Q2A, Thompson etc. as graphic Designer
in T.V. channels (there are hundreds of them) all of them are having a graphics division where animation and designing work is done.
Big E learning companies like Accenture, Tata(intera), NIIT, Genpact etc. are having big multimedia set up to develop online projects
Post production studios like Crest, Prime Focus, Prana etc. offers lots of job opportunity in film production (visual effects)
Gaming is another hot sector also there are many ad agency where T.V. ad films are made.
Good Luck!
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Preeti as you are completing your B.SC in animation and multimedia first try to find job in Leading studios and training institutes , Entertainment (movies and television) , Business (product promotions and marketing demos) , Education (Computer Based Tutorials/Web Based Tutorials) ,Development of computer games/mobile games e.t.c . Apart from that you can try for PG course in animation from institutions such as Industrial Design Center (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Design (NID). If you want to change your stream then you can take up courses like MBA , LAW , Mass communication. interior designing e.t.c Actually if you are interested in changing your stream please tell me your interest then i can advise course according to that. If you think you are lacking in certain skill in animation sector you can take up short term courses like Courses in Traditional animation , Stop-motion animation , Rotoscoping , Computer generated 3D and 2D animation , Clay-mation , Photoshop , Human anatomy . You must be good in art of sketching or drawing , imagination skill , computer design software. Knowledge of programming languages (C++, Java) ,colour, proportion, size, design, visualizations, knowledge of background art and layout . All these skill will be required to become successful in the field of animation . Please be free to ask further question .... ► Read more

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