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Basic shiksha parishad lucknow - 1 to 11 of 50 results

Contact for UGC Recognized University course BA.,BCOM,MA,MCOM
B.ED,MED, etc.
call us:09235611100,Careeradmission...

Both have a good career ahead. Working as a software engineer with VB and VB.NET skills with 1 year experience with pay you between 1.67 lac - 2.97 lac pa.
As your experience increase payscale increases . Salary range also depends on your qualification/ experience/ and the company you are working with.
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HI Suman,

Yes. students from Amity are eligilible to write UPSC exams.

For more please check reah this- http://www.amity.edu/admission/govt_recognition.asp

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Both of the institutes MAAC and Arena Multimedia are good for Animation training courses than picasso . Program contents of the both of institutions are same and both have good infrastructure and good faculty. you can join any one of them.

Good luck...
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You can visit site like freshersworld.com or vyom.com
Here, you can find basics about Tech Support and some interview questions too.
Good luck with your interview.

However, in a tech support interview, what the interviewer looks for is:
a. you communication skills which means, are you able to understand what the other person is saying and is the person able to understand what you are saying.
b. How quick thinking you are
c. Can you be trained? This is THE most important trait. You need to be open minded and willing to learn.

P.S. Do let me know the outcome of the interview....
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Dear Swetha,

Don't be so upset.You can take help from your seniors also from classmates who have good knowledge of electronics.And at the same time you have to work hard for this.Here I am giving you online teaching website for your help.This is :

Hope this link will be helpful for your online study.So don't get depressed take the solution of your problem.

Write me back for further help.

All the Best...
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Here u can find all the subjects related to electrical and electronics both PDF's and videos.

We hate some subjects because we wont understand them or coming to wrong assumptions while understanding subject.

Try to get help from some one while reading,it helps u alot....
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Starting salary in this field is Between Rs.5000/ - to 10,000 permonth.

Best wishes!!!...
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Hi Billo,

Career options with biology are:

Applied biology
Pharmacology and Pharmacy
Medical Transcription
Food technology
Forensic science

Good luck
Career counelor

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Hi Sandeep,

There are plenty of job opportunities in computer field. You can work as lecturer in case you have interest in teaching, otherwise, there are other options like marketing, counseling, BPOs, computer technician, software dealers, computer hardware products distributor....
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Hi Sravan,
You should do something like avocational course which can help you to earn more and graduation as well if you can do both together then you can earn more. As a skill or technical knowledge can help you to earn more.

Best of luck....
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