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There are lot of short term, certificate course or diploma course if you want to become cyber crime officer. But best option will be first to or if some science discipline as cyber crime require lot of analysis and computer knowledge. Then do courses at post graduate level like Cyber law. Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Rights,,Criminal Justice and Forensic Justice and Forensic Science Almost all the law colleges provide degree in cyber law check out them...
Hi robin,

UPSC conducts civil services exam IPS{ Indian police services} you need to appear for the exam. Its in three steps: Prelims, Mains and Interview. A medical fitness test is conducted after you pass the written exam.

There are various state exams also conducted.

All the best...
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Hi Alisha,

You have a lot of career options if you are good in maths.You can do masters and research work,you can teach maths.You can combine maths with economics and statistics and have a very bright career.

You can be an engineer,physiologist,mathematician,statistician ,scientist.

So it is your choice what you want to do.

You have so many options.

Best of luck....
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Dear student,
you have asked very much interesting question,
organic chemistry has very gud career
to become a professional in chemistry and to become scientist you shold plan your career like this
first step:: join B.Sc in Chemistry ( as a main subject )
2nd step:: join masters degree in Chemistry M.Sc in chemistry/organic/inorganic)
3rd step:: write CSIR NET exam conducted by CSIR.for Junior/senior reseach fellow.
4th step:: join as a junior scientist/junior fellow in any of prestigeous scinece lab. like IICT,BARC , etc
Avice::: opt for a BEST COLLEGE for science,
best of luck...
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Dear Drumil if you want to be a successful BUSINESSMAN after completion of of your education - after class XII study BBA or BBM followed by MBA with Dual Specialization from an UGC + AICTE approved institution in India or good institution in Abroad. Are you from a business class family ? If yes then you can start going to your own office for basic work knowledge in practical fields. If no then first decide which business you want to start up with. As soon as you decide start knowing that type of business very well - pros & cons with positive & negative ends of that particular business because Business means ups & downs, joy & woe. So you should be able to tackle all those as a good administrator to run your business well. There are many more things which you should concentrate on a a business man but as of now please concentrate on your studies & complete your class XII followed by your Bachelors & Masters Degree. Be hard working, sincere & honest to yourself to be a successful career aspirant. Take care & we wish you a bright & blooming career ahead as a successful Businessman.... ► Read more
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Dear Sanjeev, 

If you want to do Civil Engineering, you need to clear Joint Entrance or other similar competitive exams. Otherwise you might can take direct admission on reserved seats but that will cost you in few lakhs and also not suggestable. However, if you still want to choose that way, you may let me know, i'll give you reference.

If this year you have not cleared the exam, why don't you focus and study harder so that you can make it next year? 

Praheli D Chowdhuri...
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There are lot of option for commerce student- B.COM, BCA , BBA , CA, ICWA , CS , LAW , Economics, Animation, journalism, business economics, hotel management actuarial science,e.t.c. After B.COM you can try for MCA, M.COM, CA, ICWA , CS , LAW , Economics, Animation, journalism, advertising , MBA , Public relation, social work, actuarial science,CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme (CCAP), stock broking, CFA, event management e.t.c . After B.COM you can apply for Bank job especially PO, civil services . There are lot of courses are available in the field of finance, tax, accounting, computer , business, stock broking, media, language, hospitality.

Actually there are end number of careers. Giving detail of each career option is not possible . Once you are able to decide what you want to take up a detail answering is possible . Don't take up career just because of paying capacity of that field . In today's age every career option can pay you well if you can deliver result .and to perform well you need to do hard work and that can only happen if you take up career according to your interest You had not mentioned any of your interest, or anything about your personality so that i can advice on future scope. If you are not able to know your interest , analyse your personality well then you can take up psychometric assessment conducted by MERA CAREER GUIDE. The assessment will help you know your personality, interest, strength, weakness and on basis of these information you can decide what career option you should take up .

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Yes, you can go for CA but the important thing before selecting a career is to find out your own interest and then select the career accordingly. If you have passion for numbers and accounts then CA is your destination.... ► Read more
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If you are interested in becoming an IAS officer, you probably know what the IAS is all about and why becoming an IAS officer is a very good career option. To get into the IAS, you will have to give the “UPSC held Civil Services Examination”. It is a common exam for getting into the IAS, IPS etc. To succeed in the “Civil Services Examination” you first need to understand how the examination is conducted or the “examination format”! But for this you need to prepare hard without any negligence......... ► Read more

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