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Opt for other schools or collegiate of state boards and then you might get admission there, you should continue your studies....
They might have got something good in their mind so they have implemented these things in order to make study simpler and easy to educate every Indian citizen . there are a group of directors to think better than us and for us.... ► Read more
CBSE board always declares its 10th class result exactly in between 24th to 28th of may, After declaration of 12th class result. It would be displayed in official website.... ► Read more
Yes, CBSE board is definitely scoring. Scoring good marks in CBSE is definitely very easy as compared to boards like ICSE.

The CBSE syllabus is presented in a scientific manner. The entire syllabus is divided into units and every unit is allotted the number of periods required to cover it in the year and also the weightage of marks it will carry in the examination. Thus, student can plan the study of the various segments of the syllabus accordingly.

The number of subjects one has to study in the 10th are also less as compared to any other board.

The marking scheme in CBSE is such that it makes it very scoring. The Continues Comprehension Evaluation in which student’s performance is not only tracked academically but also on the basis of extracurricular activities i.e. it focuses on the holistic development of the child. A grading system is followed under which a student scoring very less grades will also not fail, until and unless he or she is very poor in studies and gets an F grade.

Thus one can say that scoring marks is not at all a tough task in CBSE board.
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No CBSE boar is not at all tough none of the board are tough, it is totally a misconception, you have to study hard but that does not mean that the boar is tough. all boards are almost same. Study hard to get a good marks.... ► Read more
CBSE board always declares its 10th class result exactly in between 24th to 28th of may, till now it has not been told by the board as well you will get its report in its official website.... ► Read more
The CBSE stand for, Central Board of Secondary Education. It conduct the 10th level and 12 level examination. Other than that, It the one of the important examination to take a decision for the right career of your choice. After CBSE 10th level you can decide whethe you want a career in science, commerce or art field. After deciding this, on the bases of your marks, you can pursue a career in these stream. Also the +2 level marks decide whether you can apply for colleges/ entrance examination or not. So be careful while giving the CBSE examination as it is going to decide where you will land up after examination.... ► Read more
You need to talk to the authority of the particular school and then follow the guide lines, you can make your class 10th as regular provided your open school is affiliated to a good institution then it will be easier for you.... ► Read more
You can change your school if you want, the board does not matter much you should be a studious student in order to get a good percentage, if you can stay in that place where your school is there you can definitely do it.... ► Read more
You can well do it. you will have to get a good percentage thet is desired by the school in which you want to take admission on. it is necessary that you should get at least 60%marks in order to get admission in a good school which is affiliated to ICSE board.... ► Read more
No problem you can definitely shift to that board , it is one of the strongest board to make your base in English. it is a good decision you can be firm on it. all the best for your future.... ► Read more

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