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Bit sindri rank wise counceeling details - 1 to 11 of 576 results

Hi Sukriti.
With your rank its difficult to get into god engineering colleges say the top 30 ones. But i think you can make it to some decent colleges. Or You can even try some private engineering college. if you need further information about such college connect to me.
Top MBA College in India
Just read somewhere that IMI Delhi has got an international accreditation by AMBA. AMBA (The Association of MBAs) is the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education. AMBA & AACSB are two of the world’s biggest MBA accreditation agencies. With this accreditation IMI becomesonly the fifth management institute in the country, which includes IIM Lucknow and IIM Kozhikode, to obtain this accreditation.
The last date for application form submission is November 18, 2012. The form is available at http://imi.edu/Uploads/AdmissionBulletin2012.pdf
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Both NIT, Durgapur and BIT,Mesra are good. For selection of branch you should go by your interests....
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Dear Rahul, you right NATA participating institute talks about Architecture school of bit mesra.

All tthe Best...
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Hi shweta,

If you wish to work in technical area,mtech would be the best option. And IIIT hyderabad is and excellent opportunity. If you are interested in management fields than you can go for MBA.

All the best...
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According to last year counseling you may not get in those colleges. Home state is an added point, you may get in your home state. This year 10 new NITs introduced & some private universities also introduced under AIEEE. You can try in those colleges.

Mewar University, Rajasthan
Mewar University, Rajasthan
Shobhit University, Meerut (UP)
Jayoti Vidyapeeth. Women's University, Jaipur

You can try in these colleges also.

All the best...
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Hi neha,

I saw that your question is a very old one.I think counselling is over now and you have got your seat in any college.Tell me in which college and in which branch you got admission.

Best of luck for your future....
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Hello Raj,

According to last year cut-off you can get admission in National Institute of Technology, Warangal

Best of Luck !!!...
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Hello Raj,

According to last year cut-off you can get admission in National Institute of Technology, Warangal

Best of Luck !!!...
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As of today, IMHO, ECE !... ► Read more
Hi Renu,

I work as a business analyst in an MNC and have closely observed the holocaust of recession hoverin all over us.

Quitting a job at this point of time takes in a lot of guts and involves a lot of risk. However, you may need to take care of the following ..

- Look for an Orgn. of repute...

- Track the pathway of the orgn. since past few years and obsevrve if recession did affect it anyway...it's obvious that it wud have an effect but den how did it deal with it..

- Always try and get hold of current employees of your prospective orgn u tryin to get into and seek their advise...sneak into the organization's attitude towards employees during recession

- More importantly..always try to move getting a vertical growth...so that in case somethin weird get to happen later ( God Forbid :) ) would make u atleast confident and yes..wud get you a market stand ... *** You may not expect steep hikes in pay checks during this period...so getting a vertical growth along with decent hike makes you a winner.

- I feel more confident of being a part of a pilot batch...or a part of transistion team.. You would see many MNC's undergoing transistion durin recession phase as US lost many jobs and those were diverted to India. If a new team is to be hired..for tansistion..nothin better than it . It refers, in a way, that the Orgn knows what's it doin and transistioning a tram means..that the processes/depts are here to stay..Thus, better job security.

All of the above might seem to you a little opiniated..and is more about my exp with BPO's, KPO's and other MNC's in & arnd NCR.

If you could let me know which industry you are into.. I could be a little more specific the next time I write for you.

Wish ya da best ..

Cheers....Amay !!...
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