Bput degree engineering college ranking list - 2157 to 2167 of 2260 results

This should be the of filling up ur chices according to me

B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical & Electronics
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical
B.E.(Hons.): Civil
B.E.(Hons.): Manufacturing
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences
M.Sc.(Tech.): Finance
Dear Anushree

Since u have pcm as ur main subjects u do have a lot of career options. U can go in any field u want be it music n arts, a fashion designer, or engineer in any field . Even u can go for event management by going for MBA as well as have ur own business.

I would advice you to first complete ur 12. Secure admission in a good engineering college or a designing college like NIFT which ever field interest u the most. Complete the course and then decide whether u would like to go for a job or continue by going for MBA for an event management job. If u r not satisfied with any of these well then u can start ur own business.

All The Best............
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Hello Manali,

The scope and career opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers is very good since the aviation industry in one of the fastest growing industries in India and many private players are entering this field, creating a huge opportunity.

You have completed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.So you can take job or go for further studies, can do masters for the same or MBA in Aviation Hospitality.Or can also go for further study in abroad.

This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems.An aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) is a person licenced to ensure that aircraft are airworthy in accordance with local and international aviation standards.

All the Best!!!!!...
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Yes, ME environmental Engineering is available for Mechanical graduates.

This course is open even for Chemical and electrical graduates .

I am glad you thinking of choosing a career in environmental Science as concern about global warming has brought this career in limelight !...
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If you have intersets in technology, ME is a option for you
and if you like dealing with people, market strategies and corporate world, then go for MBA...
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For interview and placement purpose you dont require any comuter certification course. You need to focus more on apptitude and puzzles as whenever you go for interview you will go there as fresher, at that time these thing will not count much. Your degree in engineering is sufficient for that.

All the Best!!!!

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Hi Ricky,

You can do MBA after completing your graduation by any mode (regular/part time/ distance). Any kind of job expirence will surely counted.

All the Best !!!!!...
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In mech you have to do good with physics and Maths . In addition to the basic engineering sciences, the programme in mechanical engineering lays emphasis on the analysis and synthesis involved in the design, manufacture and operation of prime movers, pumps, compressors, machine tools, mass production technique etc.

Design, operation & maintenance of machine & their components, mechanisms, machine tools, manufacturing systems & processes, components of terminal power system including internal combustion engine & turbo-machinery, solar energy, heat transfer, air-conditioning, refrigeration & industrial engineering including production, planning & control-both the fundamental & & applied aspects leading to these areas.

Engineering'>Mechanical Engineering ...
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H Yutika ..what you talking about is polytechnic,

Though after getting admission in 2 year in B.E you have time to catch up and finally matters is your degree at the end.

I have seen lot of ppl who come to industry via this means, and doing well but their personal experience says that it gets difficult for them to adjust with Engineering 2 year as already groups are made , cultural fit is defined.

I myself in personal favour of 12 and then BE !...
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Its very good that you hold a diploma in Automobile Engineering. you have mentioned you work in Automobile Field, but what exactly your profile is not mentioned. Your profile would have helped me better to put my comments.
In general for Automobile Engineers in govt organization there is ARAI in Pune, NATRIP in Maneswar. you have to qualify PSU exam of their to get into that. But they mostly prefer Btechs.
the other option is with MVI. they also recruit Diploma Automobile Engineers. You have to qualify their test and appear for interview. these openings are published in news papers and the possibilities are quite narrow.
best of luck ......
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Hey Satish,

Let me explain you this way...If I have had experience workin or dealin with softwares,,programming..projects n all..AND...if I think I've gained enough to deal with and understand the nuisances involved ..I would get into MBA Marketing. Marketing would help me achieve my goals as a leader representing a product/org/company..

Now..what a recruiter looks in for is genuine validations for your decision towards Marketing... You can try and emphasize on the following facts...n always try explaining with lucid, practical examples of day to day lives..your past work exp. et al..

- You see the brighter side..it helps you convince others of the positivites
- You have gone thro' gruellin projects to understand the nuisances involved ( am sure Infosys did give u some hard time on projects :)) ...kiddin :):) .. ) and you find urself appropriate to market products/services at the best of a comp./orgn.
- You've always been a leader ...talk abt ur communication and presentations skills...live examples..
- Talk about what have you learnt in Marketing that will help you give an edge over others contribution towards the organization
- Get yourself prepared for questions arnd case studies relating software companies.. trust me ...Infosys..TCS are successful mostly ' of their marketing capabilities... companies market ..n get projects...get gud employees etc...
- Talk abt that you've always been a people leader...marketing is more being a leader ...n get others do / buy ..be it ur reasonings/logics/products/services etc.....

Oops...runnin out of time ..wud write somethin more ...tomoro ...gotta go ...

Cheers..... Amay !!...
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