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B.sc. ag results pantnagar - 1 to 3 of 7 results

We have received your detailed email and looking into your case, Meanwhile your similar concern has been attended here, you can go through it:

If you want to be an IAS, don't even think twice..... go for B.Sc. from Stephen's or sorts. U will never repent.
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Hi Tanmoy, you should decide after asking yourself that what kind of profession you desire? Opting for B.Sc or Engg. will lead you into two different directions (although these may meet in the end if you decide to take up teaching profession). Opt for B.Sc if you are interested in M.Sc, Ph.D and post doctoral research. Opt for Engg if you are interested in industry. But as you said B Sc in chemistry, I can suggest you to go for B E (chemical) if you want to go for engg. due to the current trend and also do not want to sacrifice your love for chemistry.... ► Read more

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