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Some of the universities/colleges are:

# NIT ,Warangal
# Christ university ,bangalore
# Andhra university ,Vishkhapatnam
# Nagarjuna University,
# University of hyderabad
# Osmania university ,hyderabad
# Bharatidasan University, TN
# JNTU,Hyderabad

Good luck...
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Dear Sudarshan, i will suggest you to do M.Sc. preferably from IITs or IISER. It is OK even if your doing it from recognized university, but aim to qualify CSIR-NET. In chemistry future is bright, there are plenty of opportunities. once you qualify NET you can do Ph.D on fellowship. these days fellowships are just like handsome salaries.... ► Read more
Ofcourse you can do that...thats a very good option...
only that you wont b into surgical forensics...
however since it is such a vast field u will not have any problems whatsoever...
going abroad to work would be the ultimate choice for you to develop your career...
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Hi Ved,

First of all think in what area your interest lies. What's your basic education? Graduate/ which stream.
Answer these questions, and then maybe we can help you with your query.
Also take up few aptitude and personality assessment quizzes which are available on
These may help you in identifying your interest and aptitude.

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Dear Rajiv,

We apologize for the delay in response.

For your acads, its preferable to ramp up to some graduation degree like in Mechanical Engineering (as you are already Gr3 Mech) etc to reach your dream positions. Kindly don't go for diploma courses further, as they won't further help much to your profile

Our best wishes......
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Hi Ashhar,

You will be mostly eligible for 5yrs integrated courses in Bits that too mostly in HYD.. not in the GOA / Pilani campus.. (except a very rare few courses in Pilani /goa campuses in 5yrs courses)

In Hyd, you can try for 5yrs courses in chem / physics /maths etc..

we have couple of more days to get the break even scores for BITS.. so lets wait and watch.. for the cut offs..

our best wishes.....
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Yes Shipra,

You can go ahead in Interior Designing after doing bachelors. All the design careers are open for you.

There are many colleges in NCR/ Delhi region. They conduct their internal exams and you can go ahead !!

The eligibility criteria is you need to have creative bent of mind !!

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Hi Neha,

As you interested in HR , I would suggst you to do MBA in HR.

Authentic SAP training would itself cost you same as HR and still won't guranteed you job.

MBA degree is considered as the most valuable post graduate degree in the world and has exciting career opportunities. People take the MBA program in order to further their careers in their current jobs or to get a better job on the basis of their MBA degree.

Let know you need help in this reagrd....
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In mech you have to do good with physics and Maths . In addition to the basic engineering sciences, the programme in mechanical engineering lays emphasis on the analysis and synthesis involved in the design, manufacture and operation of prime movers, pumps, compressors, machine tools, mass production technique etc.

Design, operation & maintenance of machine & their components, mechanisms, machine tools, manufacturing systems & processes, components of terminal power system including internal combustion engine & turbo-machinery, solar energy, heat transfer, air-conditioning, refrigeration & industrial engineering including production, planning & control-both the fundamental & & applied aspects leading to these areas.!Mechanical%20Engineering'>Mechanical Engineering ...
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Hi Ashish, the best job prospects for you in math will be after you have a post graduate degree. Depending on your choice you can go in for either for a M.Sc or MBA. If you wish to have a career in management field, then a MBA would be a good choice. An MBA program provides, theoretical as well as practical knowledge, which can benefit a professional tremendously in managerial and administrative roles. It helps in getting into Sr. Executive positions in public sector and government jobs as well. Needless to say, the kind of job you will get and the salary you will be offered will to a large extent depend on the reputation of the B-school you graduate from and the stream you choose for MBA.
Most MBA programs are two-year post-graduate programs. . Applicants are usually required to take a common entrance exam like the CAT, MAT or GMAT. These tests comprise numeric, erbal and non-verbal reasoning.MBA degree gives students an insight into all aspects of a company. Courses include basics in Accounting, Economics, Financial Planning, Law, HR, Strategy and Leadership skills. In the second year the student gets in-depth picture of the specialization that they choose. The options generally are- Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Retail Mgt, Personnel Mgt and Industrial Relations, IT and Systems etc. Once you have completed your first year, you will have better clarity on the area you are interested in. It is important to take care in selecting your field of specialization, as it invariably leads to your first job, and potentially a significant part of your career. The decision should be driven by interests, aptitude areas and career goals. . Looking at your qualification, an MBA (Finance) would further leverage your present qualification. Finance requires extremely high analytical ability, playing with numbers and balance sheets and needs an individual to be fond of being at the complete back-end. MBA Finance offers you opportunities in Corporate Fina
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