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Centralized admission process for 11th state board, ambedkar collage, nagpur, maharashtra state. - 1 to 3 of 67 results

No board is easy or tough it depends on the student’s preparation and hard work as to how much he scores in the exam. There are toppers in all boards and in all boards students score marks. For people who prepare themselves well even the toughest thing seems easy.

Though the scoring pattern of State boards is a bit hard as compared to other boards and hence students score a little less marks in the boards too. But it is less of a problem if you are prepared well.

Actually it depends upon the students, the formulas or the topics never changes it remains same for every board. But the quality of the questions differ a bit. But there is not too much difference between boards.... ► Read more
The marking scheme of state board is very tough as compared to other boards. It is very tough to score marks in boards if the person is in a state board.

Hence it would be suggested that you should not change your board. If at all you are not from CBSE board and are willing to change your then you can move in to the CBSE board. It is considered to be somewhat easier to score marks in the CBSE board as compared to other boards.There are lot f advantages of giving your Boards from CBSE, they are:

• For CBSE follows a Continues Comprehension Evaluation in which student’s performance is not only tracked academically but also on the basis of extracurricular activities i.e. it focuses on the holistic development of the child. A grading system is followed under which a student scoring very less grades will also not fail, until and unless he or she is very poor in studies and gets an F grade.

• The CBSE syllabus is designed in a very scientific manner, where the syllabus has been divided into various units. It also gives the weightage of marks each unit carries. Hence it becomes easy for students to prepare themselves accordingly.

• The number subjects that you will have to study in CBSE are less as compared to the other boards.

• The CBSE syllabus also covers the syllabus of many competitive exams, which will help you a lot in later years.
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