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Chaitanya forum job fair - 1 to 3 of 74 results

Dear Avinash,

Thanks for writing to us. Meracareerguide.com is an online counseling website.So we can't help you in job search.

Let us know if you have any quarries related to education and career guidance. So that we can help you.

All the best!...
Hi dear, there are many good concerns where u can place your resume and a dvd of your work. following are few names
Crest, GreenGold, NIIT, NDTV,MAAC, PrimeFocus, Prana etc.
Pls check what type of work u can do, r u good in 2d animation or 3d animation, 3d animators can try in all film production houses, TV channels etc. 2d animators can look for jobs in e learning companies and 2d animation production companies like Greengold.
Best of lick!
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When you get good qualification in any sector you can get better job in the related field. first of all you have to tell your qualification then i will tell you which option is better for you for good career. Good qualification helps you get a good job.... ► Read more

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