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Partha you can study any subject upto graduation and then take up MBA in your field of choice. Course in the field of economics, commerce, bachelor of business administration, finace, business economics will be good at graduation level. as by taking such course you will be learning concepts which can be useful at MBA level. But as suggested you can do any course as MBA is open to every one with eligibility of graduation....
Vivek, if you find yourself disinterested in Biology, you should not have opted for that. But many students face this problem that they do not know much after tenth class about career options and chose subjects by blindly by following others.
But anyways it is good that you have realised this well in time. Now if you are in CBSE board school, take maths as additional subject while sending examination form and appear for both bio and maths. You will have to work hard on maths as you have not done it in +1 but i am sure you will do it. Then you can make a career in maths as you wish.
best of luck....
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Hi Shilpa,

There are ample of career options available.But you should see what are your interest areas,and take the path according to that. Some options for commerce students are :

# CA
# CS
# Mass communication
# BCA { if had maths in 12th}
# Advertising
# Fine arts
# Social work
# Animation and more

Let me know your areas of interest to be more clear.

Good Luck...
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Hi Swati,

Marks suggests that your daughter is a good student.

As she wants to take science , I will try to explain you what are possible thing she can go ahed with science.

What all career buckest are open for her which you can see yourself in detail in our after 10+2 section .

Options after 10+2

With science she can opt for follwing after 10+2

Engineering & Technology See Here

Information Technology See Here

Management & Marketing See Here

Defense Services

Civil Services Read Here

Science & Research Science & Research'> Read Here

Taking science also leaves the option for going to creative career as fashion, interior , Law , Jouralism etc.

Let know if I can be of further help !
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Apart from science,other areas are management, media studies, journalism, fine arts, psychology, banking, fashion designing, interior designing,jewellery designing, air hostess , hotel management, heath care administration, travel tourism, computers applications etc

The choice of course depends on the area you have interest.

Good luck...
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I would first like to ask you that what are the interests of your child? Instead choosing career for yourself for your child, I would say that you should ask the child first what he wants to do? Where his interest lies? Is he willing to continue with Science or does he wants to change his stream all together?
After you get answer then decide a career for your child as he will be more happy and successful in his career to and I am sure you will be happier to see your child successful and happy.
You can also opt for the Psychometric Assessment for your child. It will help you to realize the strengths and weaknesses, aptitude, interests and personality of your child and in the ende it will shouw you what careers are best for him. For that you can follow the link below:

Best Wishes!
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You have a very genuine question. But to answer it so that you can benefit from it reply, more details are required. Details such as your interests, aptitude, preferences and ability in various subjects that you studying. Your aspirations are equally important. This is the right time that you get in touch with experienced people who can give you proper guidance and help you understand the situation so that you are in a good & informed position to make sensible decisions.... ► Read more
Yes, you can go for CA but the important thing before selecting a career is to find out your own interest and then select the career accordingly. If you have passion for numbers and accounts then CA is your destination.... ► Read more
There are lot of option for commerce student- B.COM, BCA , BBA , CA, ICWA , CS , LAW , Economics, Animation, journalism, business economics, hotel management actuarial science,e.t.c. After B.COM you can try for MCA, M.COM, CA, ICWA , CS , LAW , Economics, Animation, journalism, advertising , MBA , Public relation, social work, actuarial science,CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme (CCAP), stock broking, CFA, event management e.t.c . After B.COM you can apply for Bank job especially PO, civil services . There are lot of courses are available in the field of finance, tax, accounting, computer , business, stock broking, media, language, hospitality.

Actually there are end number of careers. Giving detail of each career option is not possible . Once you are able to decide what you want to take up a detail answering is possible . Don't take up career just because of paying capacity of that field . In today's age every career option can pay you well if you can deliver result .and to perform well you need to do hard work and that can only happen if you take up career according to your interest You had not mentioned any of your interest, or anything about your personality so that i can advice on future scope. If you are not able to know your interest , analyse your personality well then you can take up psychometric assessment conducted by MERA CAREER GUIDE. The assessment will help you know your personality, interest, strength, weakness and on basis of these information you can decide what career option you should take up .

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HI Anjali,
    You can go for BSc,MSc and MTech depending on your interest after 12 th.But i always suggest that get your aptitude test done from MERA CAREER GUIDE to move further.
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Hi Vishal,

We cannot pre determine the exact cut off marks for qualifying to get admission to this college. To know about such information, it would better to confirm these details from the college directly.

Best of Luck...
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