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Courses after bsc(chem,botany,zoology) - 1 to 3 of 124 results

Yes ...you can do marine Engineering ..and later on can think of higher education in it....

After doing Zoology(hons) you can go for teaching profession or you can go for reseach work in the field  like nature, wildlife, enviornment or lab work in the fields of biochemistry, DNA, immuniology, microbiology. any more branches are there it depend on you interest which field you want to select.

Best Wishes!!!...
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Hi Chirag,

Bachelor of Science in Botany is related to the study of plants, their life, development, reproduction, structure, metabolism, diseases etc. Botany is amongst oldest sciences available around the globe. There exists a lot of scope after B.Sc. in Botany for instance a student can apply for higher studies like M.Sc. in Botany, M.Phil programs or students who are interested in management jobs can also apply for MBA programs, students interested in teaching profession can opt for B.Ed degree. Job opportunities are also wide as research organizations, herbal products companies, farm management organizations; biotechnology firms always require the services of botany students.

Zoology is the branch of science where animals their structures, development and classification are studied. It studies their evolution, development, habits, behavior, structure and classification etc.The next best option after B.Sc. Zoology is M.Sc. Zoology as higher studies allow a student to gather specialization and in depth knowledge of the subject and therefore is preferred by any organization. Higher studies strata also serve MPhil and PhD degrees. Otherwise job opportunities are also available. Many government and private institutes in the field of zoology require the expert services of zoology students to conduct researches and surveys. Now a day’s placement services are also conducted by universities and institutes; so a qualified student does not require worrying at all. Teaching profession is also very suitable. It is a highly reproductive service with decent remuneration.

Mining Engineers are responsible for locating natural reserves of minerals, petroleum and other useful natural substances, and then to lay out plans, devices shafts, inclines or quarries for the safe extraction of these resources, whether they be coal, petroleum, metallic or non-metallic minerals, from under the earth. The safety measures needed to be taken have to be careful
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