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Hi Vidhyu ,

Please be clear what you want to ask ..are you asking about M.Pharm or MBA ??

Once you give clear info will be able t help you !

Good Luck !...

You can do these :

1) Clinical Research


2) Management - this can be in HR, Marketing , Hospital Management , Finance ,

3) Nursing

You can alos think of few option in distance learning mode at BITS :


Let know you need to more !

All the best !...
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Sarthak. MBA Heatlhcare could be one interesting option for you, which includes both element of your interest and degree i.e knowledge of pharmacy and interest of Management.

Healthcare is a steadily fast growing service sector. The Indian healthcare market is currently estimated at US$35 billion and is expected to reach over US$75 billion by 2012 and US$150 billion by 2017. According to the Investment Commission of India the healthcare sector has experienced phenomenal growth of 12 percent per annum in the last 4 years. Rising income levels and a growing elderly population are all factors that are driving this growth.

Check this: http://www.meracareerguide.com/clinicalresearch.aspx...
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NIBM Global Chennai provides Online MBA in Airport management . NIBM is AICTE,UGC,DEC and IAO((International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA) approved.... ► Read more
If you like to do MBA in Online mode then NIBM Global is my choice. NIBM provides MBA in shipping and logistics.NIBM is AICTE,UGC,DEC and IAO((International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA)approved.
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Yes, after graduation, BSE Institute has introduced 2 year full time MBA program in global finance market, along with job opportunity for more details you can check here http://goo.gl/JMbPi... ► Read more
Ravi final year year student in graduation can apply for CAT. At the time of admission you must have your result of college if not then your hard work will became waste. Now going by your situation it seems your college is too late . because academic session of colleges start before Sept. Appear in 2013 CAT. .At the time of admission you might not have degree ( it get late because of convocation) but you must have copy of mark sheet.feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more
You can do clinical trial after completing B.Pharma. For doing clinical trials a degree is important. It’s a good option to pursue the clinical research after B.pharm. This will help you to apply for the drug inspector exam. But you also need to have work experience of 3 years in the drug manufacturing area to attend that test. MBA in pharma is also a good option for a management oriented job. You can select the best course which is suitable to you and also after analyzing the scope of each course separately.... ► Read more
After diploma in pharmacy you can start your own chemist shop.A diploma in pharmacy also makes a person eligible to open a chemist shop own Research and Development laboratory.You cannot start your own hospital or clinic after Pharmacy degree.

All the best.....
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If you are very good in accounts and have interest in law just get in to company secretary.

Pharmacy with CS is most demanded in market. You are from pharmacy background; therefore you can get more beneficial than others. In recent economic recession only pharmacy-industries are remain unaffected or less effected than any other industries in the world. So be in the field in more beneficial.

Other than it, CS studies are also valuable in any companies or industries. CS is good but In interview first of all you will be asked that why you did pharmacy? You can do same with any other B.Com or B.A.... So, you have to mentally prepare yourself for such argues.

One thing is very clear that simply don't run behind scope or money but go for such a training or education where you have interest and application of knowledge. Only you can justify yourself regarding suitable field in which you are getting fit.

All the best
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