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D.ed 2nd year result 2013 gwalior - 936 to 946 of 1344 results

Dear Chandan, As you have mentioned you are doing your 3rd year B. Com. and are a financial advisor too, There is no need to upgrade / change your designation.But you should be very confident about your job content with ICICI....
Go for ICFAI, for admission contact +91 9673 359461, abhishek.tiwari812 at gmail.com... ► Read more
Dear Boni, Please visit www.madeeasy.in... ► Read more
Check your previous query........ ► Read more
There is no confusion. U will get a good job in pharma sector after this. U can enhance your chances of a good job by doing MBA after this. U can also go for M Pharma.... ► Read more
Dear Neha, Both placement and MS admission will go hand in hand, but since admission process for MS in US is almost year long one has to keep the job as a back up. In general higher education is always better as most of the engineers after working for 2-3 years chose one or the other program.... ► Read more
If this field is of your interest area, try to get a good job and
if not try to crack other competitive exams live CAT, GATE etc....
► Read more
Hi Anamika
It's ok for what has already been done. You cannot go and change past. All you can do is to be prepared for a better future. As you already know that Fashion Designing does not require any specific stream. So, its ok if you are in science stream. Since what you are already doing should not get wasted either, what should bother you is that how to secure good marks in science. What I would suggest is to work hard to secure good marks in science and than try and make your parents understand that you can be successful in something you love to do but not in something that is being forced. All the best and try your luck....
► Read more
Dear Aditya, I feel MBA should be your choice at this stage.Infect you could look for Executive MBA where 3 yrs industry experience is compulsory for admission.Do not worry about age factor as almost all your classmates will be of similar age.Moreover your age is still not on higher side for even the regular MBA if you get a good college.... ► Read more
Whats your interest basically? Wait for results of 2nd counseling and see. You will be upgraded for sure.... ► Read more
This option is always open.Are you interested in your field? If not try for CAT, UPSC, GATE exams.... ► Read more

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