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Diet jbt prospectus - 1 to 11 of 12 results

I want know about diet course .how much marks i have for diet course....
Hi tenzing,

I can feel the heat of such question in my mind still although i have passed that time in my life. Don't divert your mind dear ,just go for Professor job until and unless you got admission in top 5 biotechnology college . My 2 friends are facing problem because they passed their Graduation and PG in so called biotechnology from a average college.

Best of luck
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Today Computers have not only assumed strategic importance in the corporate world, they are being effectively used in other fields ranging from space exploration to food processing and banking to communication etc. In this era of Information Technology, which has revolutionized the whole world, INDIA has stood to the world standards and is being regarded the World over for it's skilled IT Professionals.


There are two main sectors in this field:

Hardware: This includes the physical elements of the computer system and deals with the designing, manufacturing and maintenance of computers. This area also includes the assembling of the manufactured components of the computers.

Software: This includes the set of instructions by which a computer is programmed for working and performing the specified tasks. This realm includes the work of designing the programs for various purposes. Programs may be for controlling the functioning of the computers or they may also be some user-friendly programs for specific needs. The programs may also come in the form of packages, which are designed for meeting the different kinds requirements for large number of people.

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Thanks Subba, You have given wonderful insight. This would help me to educate other people too !!

Keep sharing your rich knowledge on this forum !!...
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Hello Rakesh

Cardiff University is a decent university. Talking about job prospectus , you don't have capus placements generally in UK. And at this time there job market is very dull. The best place to pursue MBA is United States.

Let me know which is your preferred location.

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I am kimberlly from India.I am new member here.I am a software Engineer.I wanna inspire you about our website(desh me aaj).which is a news website.for daily updates please visit on this site...
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Of course , you should do Master’s in Maths for better opportunities. After completing master’s degree you are eligible for NET exams. Candidate who has secured 55% marks in master’s degree are eligible for net exams. University of Grants commission (UGC) conducts NET (National eligibility Test) every year for the recruitement of lectures.
The best colleges in India for Master’s in Maths are :-
• Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai admits through a written test held in May and followed by an interview
• The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai admits through the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) exam followed by an interview
• Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad admits through the NBHM exam followed by an interview

All the best..............
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We are reputed institute we offer distance learning courses from approved universities (rajasthan institute of technology and engineering science jaipur) for admissiom call 0141 3191567, 3237100, mob. 09351066601... ► Read more
Doing a PG is really a good option.
if you can do a GRE, go for MS in USA.
Otherwise you can opt out for some good colleges in Europe also.
if you do MS you will get broad vision of what is happening around you.

Good Luck !...
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Hi Rakesh,

I tried sending you an email regarding giving you details on USA MBA.
Can you please fill in your details so I can get in touch with you.

You can see more detail here by clicking

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Hi Gowri,

No additional courses are required. But, just concentrate on the specific subject learnt and try applying them in your daily work world. Best wishes.

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