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Hi Rakhi ,

I suggest, you look for off-campus drives of various IT companies, inviting freshers.Since you have completed your program in 2010, you are still eliible.
Also, make a list of technology companies around your region and do a reserach on the type of work they do and then plan your short-term course. It can be on MS- technology or on open systems, depending on your interest. Try programs offered by institutes like CDAC etc.
Post Graduate Diploma in Internet Security should be interesting.
Sumit Basu...
For getting a good job in the field of computer science.without doing graduation in computer.
firstly you can go with the course of web designer,developer etc. completed one of the them courses then apply in the companies
then you will definitly got the job which you want in the field of computer science.

all the best...
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Himanshu on website of MERA CAREER GUIDE counselling phone number is given-(0120)-4319134, 7827884937. We all are working for this company. Just call them and tell them about your problem. I can only help you in education matter related with India not abroad. For abroad you need to contact other. You don't need to worry, Just call and tell what you want to know.... ► Read more
Ajay, a bachelor degree or B.SC and M.SC in computer science and engineering will open lot of job avenues in both private and public sector. If you do it from good college you will get placed directly. There is lot of demand in computer software, hardware, networking, system design, computer manufacturing companies You can do further M.TECH and also PHD.Computer Engineers have plenty of options to work in IT companies in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture and maintenance, etc. Working as programmer, web developer, and E- commerce specialist with telecommunications companies, automotive companies, aerospace companies, etc. can be a lucrative career option as well.... ► Read more
MBA in IT is a good option for you. It provides you good opportunities. MBA in information technology is a considerably new course that has grown popular within no time. MBA degree in information technology is known as MBA in IT Management. The basic nature of the course is to integrate business management with information technology.MBA in information technology Management will have to take up a job that is much higher than that offered to a person with a normal MBA degree and MCA.
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Considering today's industry health, IT is the most emerging technology with lakhs of job offers in every field. Moreover IT and Cse r almost same. There is hardly any difference!... ► Read more
If you are asking about the differences then i'll say that the only difference between these two courses is "Computer Science has some hardware subject included, where are the IT is purely software based". But when we came tom real world, these two course have same opportunities. There is no difference between the job opportunities of these two courses, a person can apply for the IT jobs even he had CS background and a person from IT can also apply for jobs where CS background in needed. So in real world these two course have equal weightage.... ► Read more
No, it is not compulsory to have computer science in 12th to do software engineering . To start the career as a Software Engineer, one should opt for degree courses such as B. E/ M. E./B.Tech./M.Tech.one can also pursue BCA or MCA to make a career in software programming.The basic eligibility criteria to get admitted into BE/B.Tech in Software Engineering is 10+2 or equivalent examination, with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. . Even if you go by MCA route please keep maths in +2 so that you don't face difficulty in admission. Software engineers working in applications or systems development analyze users' needs and design, construct, test, and maintain computer applications software or systems.
Prominent institutes in India offer Software Engineering courses are Indian Institute of Technology/IIT located in various parts of India, National Institute of Technologies located in various cities, C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) located in different towns, Institute of Computer & Information Science, Agra; Indian Institute of Science and Information Technology (IISIT), Bhubaneswar; ICFAI School of Information Technology (ISIT), Hyderabad and Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. Apart from engineering colleges and research institutes, private computers education companies like APTECH and NIIT also offer various courses in Computers and software programming...
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After you completi ng the B.E you can go designation with the software engineer,developer,Tester,designer,etc. in which your interest.
Now a days every companies or any profession,business etc. wants the software engg.
so you have many options in the field of computer science.
you can choose one of them various field which mention above then start your future journey with it.
so your future going very high .

all the best...
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Before discussing this issue i want to say that both are good branches and each have it's individual benefits and hence there is not much sense of making any comparison.

Although if it comes to the comparison I can say that 

(1)Computer science is an individual branch  ( or core branch ) and as far as  Information technology is concerned  it was  basically formed  with the  combination of Computer Science and Electronics and communication branch.

(2)And if i am allowed to make a bold statement then i will say at the time of recession (during  downfall of IT industry for few duration)  Computer science graduate is more preferred to continue as compared to Information technology graduate.[Although this condition vary from industry to industry so it must not be considered as general statement ].

(3) During this year B.E/B.Tech admissions in various Engineering colleges through out india  , most of the  students are preferring Computer Science branch .
May be this discussion is helpful for you.If you want to know anything else kindly feel free to contact me.Best wishes for future.


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M.PHIL is very high level university course. And you are eligible. DOEACC B level is equivalent to MCA. and after masters you can do M.PHIL. You should apply to different colleges as many times colleges don't consider DOEACC equivalent to regular university course. It is good if you get selected in first chance. Your marks can also create problem. But you had a good qualification so it would be good to search for job. Feel free to ask further question.... ► Read more

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