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Diploma in mechanical engineering results - 1 to 3 of 111 results

Dear Mihir,

First of all I will suggest you not to go for distance education for B.Tech. Because this will not help you more in your career.For getting a good career option do full time B.Tech.

Industrial Safety Management aims at minimizing the chances of risks, injuries and accidents by implementing risk management techniques and safety management operations.With the rise of natural disasters in and around our world, the importance of the safety of human capital, protection of the environment and conservation of existing assets of an industry is increasing, leading to growing relevance of skills in Industrial Safety Management.So you can do this course.Its in great demand.

Rajib Gandhi Institute of Petrolium Technology offers many safety management courses.You can look for it.

All the Best...
Hi Dear
Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering are 2 different streams but the foundation level is same. People have shifted to either as career option after completing a particular stream. Since the foundation level is same, you can either acquire some practical knowledge (by working in some company) or by doing some professional short time course.
As per the scope of Computer engineering, it is really huge nowadays. Most of the Office work’s, Banks, Streetlights, Hotels etc. function with help of computer-automated systems. But it is also true, that after B.tech or M.tech, getting a job is difficult. But if you equip yourself with an extra knowledge of computer languages or specialize in a particular computer language, I am sure you can get a better and high paying job....
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