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I will suggest you to try for job first after B.TECH. First think you want to do such technical thing or you are interested in doing HR, Marketing or finace e.t.c like people of your company working in such department do. Don't decide on the basis of money as both course will give you well paying job and good career. Engineer after few year of experience move into management side. People think that management people only succeed. If you think after MBA you will succeed then only go for it . Even company have program in which they provide MBA to their employees after few year of experience..First find out you want to do such technical stuff, specialize in any such area in the field of engineering then go for M.TECH. But if you are not interested in doing such thing then go for MBA. Feel free to ask further question . Take 1 year atleast for job after B.TECH so that you can know your interest- continue doing those technical things or want to move to management side - HR, FINANCE, MARKETING, OPERATIONS e.t.c . Don't rush . You have plenty of time and years and we are there to help you ....
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your query.

You can pursue any Advanced Certification Course into "Food & Nutrition Management" through Distance Learning which will help you to achieve Expertism in your Career.

For more details on Course kindly visit psbm.org/SpecializedCourse.aspx or you may reach to us at 09029966116

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With growing concern for health career related with diet or nutrition all have got plenty of opportunities . After completing this course you can get job in hospitals, nursing homes, school food service, cafeterias, and restaurants. You will be planning plan and conducting employee training programmes, design food systems, and plan budgets. After having good experience you can also start something of your own. There is no problem in doing a correspondence course if you are doing it from recognised college like IGNOU but when you are doing correspondence course you need to work on your own in getting job and developing knowledge. If you are doing a regular course from a reputed college help is provided in terms of getting job and developing required knowledge and skill . So my suggestion will be to start networking to get a job . You can meet them personally or can use social networking sites like Linkedin and APNA CIRCLE . Also keep reading articles related to your field to be updated about change change in this field.There is lot of opportunities in government hospitals, government’s health department, schools, colleges, factories and office cafeterias ,sports hostels and athletes camps. Health and recreation clubs, canteen and nursing care facilities ,Research and development , teaching , gyms, slimming centres. Feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more
You can do BBA.Bachelor's degree programmes in business administration/ business studies/ management studies are called by various names by the different universities. Hence, you are likely to come across BBA, BBS, BMS,BBM courses, all of which are more or less the same thing.After that you can do MBA. It provides you good opportunities in future.

Best of Luck..............
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