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Animation offers different courses..
animation refers to the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2D or 3D art work or model position in order to create an illusion of movement.
courses are as follows:
-arena animation pro
-arena animation international program
-arena animation academy specialist programme(AAASP)
-DAE-animation film making
-arena multimedia specialist programme
-graphics& web design
-short term courses.

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animation sector is having lot of scope in many streams like, film making, elearning, gaming, TV production, Web designing etc.
One can become animator, visualizer, VFX artist, Web animator, 3d modeler, rigging artist, texturing artist etc. There are companies hiring peoples in the field like, Crestm Prana, NDTN, AJTAK, NIIT, Prime Focus, Intera, Liquvid etc....
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Animators are required in different areas like animation film, special effects, TV channels, Gaming, web animations and e learning etc.
Name of the companies are, Prime Focus, UTV, Prana, Pentamedia, Crest, NIIT, GENPACT, Intera, NDTV, STAR, ZEE, Rhythm n Hues etc.
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