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Financial accounting multiple choice questions and answers for mba - 1 to 3 of 371 results

Dear Sunil

First of all apologies for replying so late. Since you are coming to India so it's more convinient for you to enroll in a course here.

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade offers comprehensive autonomous correspondence / regular / part time programmes to train a new generation of managers and they do have retail management correspondence course.

Please get in touch with them.


Most advertising agencies prefer MBA’s for posts in the market research, client servicing and media planning departments.

# Marketing manager
# Marketing assistant
# Marketing research executive
# Head marketing department
# Head media planning
# executives
# trainees more ...

These are the positions available for MBA's in marketing.

* Advertising agencies,
* Advertising departments of public / private sector companies,
* Advertising sections of newspapers, journals, magazines,
* Commercial sections of radio / television programmes,
* Market research organisations,
* Freelance work....
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Umar first decide you want to make career in finace or marketing . You have a good degree so you can get job in marketing without much problem . If you want to make career in marketing then it is good if you do work related with marketing. The experience will help you in getting much better job in the field of marketing and better career growth . Even finacial firm have marketing department if you are working in that department then there is no problem if you want to make career in marketing . Now if you are interested in finance then you can do MBA again , CA , CFA , CS, ICWA , masters course in commerce or economics , masters in fiance and control , e.t.c. There are also lot of certificate, and diploma course like one ifbi .If you are interested in making career in finace then you can take up any course according to that . Feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more

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