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Sorry, you cant ask them for a question paper with a larger font size. The standard of question paper is same for everyone. There is no change in that. And even someone request for larger font paper they deny it. Now my point is, why you want to ask them for a larger font size paper.? It is perfectly ok, you can wear lenses/ spectacles during the examination. No one is going to ask you for this, that why are you wearing spectacles/lenses. So my advise is to carry your spectacles/lenses with you and wear them during examination....
According to IIT-JEE there will be two three hours question papers.
Paper 1 : From 0900 hr to 1200 hrs (Indian Standard Time [IST])
Paper 2 : From 1400 hr to 1700 hrs (Indian Standard Time [IST])

Both the paper will contain three section, i.e. "Mathematics", "Physics" and "Chemistry". All the questions in both paper will be of objective type. Student need to mark the correct answer into OMR sheet....
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Yes, you will get the online examination paper (online only) like the people get question paper after finishing examination in offline mode. According to AIEEE, you will get the question paper as soon as you finish the examination on your mail inbox. You can check your mail inbox to get the reference of question you faced during AIEEE online examination.... ► Read more
Nothing is tough to clear when determination plays the main role.

But , Titus you should be aware of your strong and week points ...Are you not so comfortable with few topics and need guidance then for sure is tution is must.

All the best !!...
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Thanks Mr. Anshul for a wonderful answer , I am sure Sivaramakrishnan would benefit a lot out of it.

Keep sharing your valuable knowledge with the community.

Best Regards

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Please refer to the answer by Mr. Anshul.

You can see it here:

All the Best...
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There is no specific degree required for councelling. But this is necessary for a counceller that he/she should be well qualified to councell other. You should have atleast graduation/master’s degree for councelling other.If you do not have knowledge so how should you councel other.

All the best..............
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Dear Black,

A right choice for you is that of distance learning, cause as far as I know no good college would permit admission on your terms and condition.

Enclosing list of few prominent distance learning courses in Law:


Two year Master of Business Laws (MBI.)
One year PG Diploma in Human Rights Law
One Year PG Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics
One year PG Diploma in Environmental Law
One year PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law

Post Graduate Diploma in Patents Law
Post Graduate Diploma in Media Laws
Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Laws
Post Graduate Diploma in International Humanitarian Law

Three year Masters Degree in Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensic Science
Three year Masters Degree in Trade Related Laws
One year Post Graduate Diploma in Security Laws and Management
One year Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws.


One year diploma in law of taxation
Three year BAL (Bachelor of academic laws)
Three year BBL (Bachelor of business law)
Two year BGL (Bachelor of general laws)
One Year Diploma in labour laws with administrative law
One year PG Diploma in criminology and forensic science

PG certificate programme in cyber laws
PG certificate programme in Indian Patents law
IP regime and human rights

I hope this helps.

All the Best...
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Hello Sanya,

As I have already told you that, to be eligible for competitive medical entrance examination the candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying examination.

The candidates who have compartment in any subject in 12th can not appear in the Medical Entrance Test.But after clearing the maths paper you are eligible for the test.

All the Best...
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Hi Akshita,

Combined Aptitude Test for English (CATE 2010) makes students eligible to apply to recognised colleges in Delhi, which lay 70 percent weightage on CATE score and 30 percent on performance in 10+2, for English (Honours) programme admissions.

This exam deals with your command on grammar portion.Apart from that you need to have a good vocabulary. if you are strong in both these fields you should try practicing few english exams papers.

But I am sorry to say that, for this year the exam is over.

Since cate started in the year 2009 therefore you will not be able to get past year papers as a much needed help.

All the Best!
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There are very few onine cpurse for neural neteork... ► Read more

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