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Afcourse iam interested in computers but i feel very pleasent,peaceful and happy in in yoga teacher rather than computers bcoz now a days any field is very tensioned and strees and stration not only for me even every person in this soceity so, i kindly very interested to learn or seek and teach yoga. so ,that with the helpfull of yoga,i will fell very happy not only for the sake of body as well as from mental tention that way am so interested in lear and teach yoga to everybody.so i kindly request u for , u accept my appologies and give me a oppertunity so that i can be helpfull for this soceity.
Thanking you....
Dear Rahul,

Integrated course save the time first of all. How much the course is better it depends on that which course you are doing and from which university.So let me know that first.

Another thing is in the field of job it depends mainly on your skills & knowledge .

All the Best...
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Hi Randhir,

I can very well understand your situation. Rather most of the students of your age face the same crises.
Your parents want you to be an engineer, could also be because your parents don’t know what you want to do or you were not able to put your point of view correctly in front of them. I would say that you should explain your parents your opinion and your interests and I am sure they will be able to understand you. But before doing that you must do a research on what you want to do what are the future prospects and what you can do with it in future, it is also possible that they are not aware of what are the benefits in other fields and hence not listening to you. Also try and explain them that your interest lies in something else and that you want to pursue that. But keep in mind that all this has to be explained to them in a calm and composed manner and don’t pick a fight with them. Always keep in mind that your parents are your well wishers and whatever they do is for your benefit.

Hope this will be of help to you.
Best Wishes!
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