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General knowledge questions and answers 2013 pdf - 1 to 11 of 261 results

Dear Sunil

First of all apologies for replying so late. Since you are coming to India so it's more convinient for you to enroll in a course here.

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade offers comprehensive autonomous correspondence / regular / part time programmes to train a new generation of managers and they do have retail management correspondence course.

Please get in touch with them.

What date T Y BCom admission form are available in online
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Computer Based Online test’ means the candidate sits in front of a computer and the questions are presented on the computer monitor and the candidate answers the questions on the computer through the use of keyboard or mouse. Each computer is connected to a server, which prepares the question set and delivers it to the candidate on the computer. This is unlike the traditional paper-pencil based test, which is generally offered on a single day to all candidates. All the questions and instructions of the test will be in English only. Candidates should bring a pen for the purpose of rough work, signing etc. Blank sheets for rough work will be provided, if required. Calculators and logarithmic tables are not allowed in the test centers. Candidates are not allowed to bring any other personal belongings such as mobiles. So you will be answering question on computer itself so a basic understanding of computer and how to operate it is must .... ► Read more
As you know that the AIEEE exam has all objective questions. Similarly as it is in the offline paper there will be four options for each questions for each question you can mark the correct option by just clicking the mouse on the option you feel is the correct answer for that question.
Anytime during the exam if you feel you want to change your responses you can review the answer and change the responses by just clicking onto the option that you feel is the correct response of the questions.
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Most advertising agencies prefer MBA’s for posts in the market research, client servicing and media planning departments.

# Marketing manager
# Marketing assistant
# Marketing research executive
# Head marketing department
# Head media planning
# executives
# trainees more ...

These are the positions available for MBA's in marketing.

* Advertising agencies,
* Advertising departments of public / private sector companies,
* Advertising sections of newspapers, journals, magazines,
* Commercial sections of radio / television programmes,
* Market research organisations,
* Freelance work....
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Hello buddy
well i m ryt nw in ca stream bt did my 12th in sci stream .. i wil try my best to help u out ...
this field deals with da development of new technology in da field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems. It specialise in da designing, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of both comercial and military aircraft, spacecrafts and thir component as well as satelites and misiles.... aeron'tical engineer's usualy work in team undr da supervision of senior enginers, bringing together ther skils and technical expertise...specialisations includes in area lyk structural design, navigational guidance and control systems, instrumentation and comunication etc....very good demand in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants etc....Defence services and indian space research organisation happen to be two major employers...other than tht flyin club,hindustan aeronautics ltd...durin startin stage aplicant begin work as graduate enginer trainees or junior enginers. further.. they are placed for training in the aircraft maintenance or support section. On completion of training they are placed as assistant aircraft enginers or asistant technical oficers. dey have to clear departmental examinations for further promotions. dey may advance to administrative or executive positions or become consultants. aeronautical enginers are asisted by aircraft mechanics in maintenance of aircraft frame, engine, electrical system and other ancillary fittings...

here are the list --

1)Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology
2)College of Engineering
3)G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Science
4)ISS College of Information Technology & Engineering
5)J. Nehru Technological University's College of Engineering
6)J.B. Institute of Engineering & Technology
7)M.J. College of Engineering & Technology
8)Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technolgy
9)Mahaveer Institute of
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Dear Praveen Begum,

I am so glad to know that you have high aspirations in life. A person who thinks positive in life and is determined always achieve success.

I am sure you will go long way, to do better in Intermediate and be a topper, do follow these points:

--> Be attentive during our class hours.
--> Attend all your classes and avoid bunking
--> Don't do last minute preparation, last min. preparation only leads to anxiety and tension
--> Revise all your portions carefully before exams. Exams time should be for revision.
--> Learn time management, thats very important when it comes to writing exams

I am sure, by following above, you will be able to sail well through your board exams.

I wish you all the luck

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Please check this http://www.meracareerguide.com/Interview.aspx#1

Hundreds of questions for HR interview.

All the Best...
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Hi buddy..... economics is very good subject and it has scope in upcoming future ...with economic you can go for civil services and indian economic services and work as economic advisor in private sector...study hard you can be a next manmohan singh (our pm economist) amartya sen noble prize winner for economics... ► Read more
You have plenty of option available for the said course. And the choice of your college/institute will boil down upon these factors.
1.Your Present location and willingness to relocate yourself.
2.Percentage of marks obtained in +2 exam.
BA Eco are highly sought after courses at Delhi University and other select few colleges across India.
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HI Akanksha,
     Glad to know that you want to make your career in Law.To take up law as a career  you need to first complete 12th and graduation.
Its a very happening career now a days .All the best!!!!...
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