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If she wants to becomes an architect then she should choose science(PCM) stream.For a career in architecture field then the best option would be the science stream. She also need to study maths as a subject too. Also She must secure a minimum of 60% in these subjects if you want to join reputated institute. She need to start preparing for the various engineering entrance exams too like AIEEE, IIT-JEE. Along with this you will need to take the NATA exam which is a must for every architecture aspirant. For those interested in becoming an architect it is a must that they have a creative mind.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Hi Zainab,

It is actually not possible to change your stream from arts to commerce but you can still try and talk to your teachers and school authorities about it. If you have a good score in your 10th class then probably you will be able to. Otherwise you can opt for changing your school as well if you are getting it and if you like it.

Best Wishes!

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Hi Himanshu,

I can't get your question clearly. Are you interested in knowing career options for you or something else.

Write back, so that i can guide you in better way.

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Arts is a good stream, After taking Arts, you need to complete your graduation and then you should prepare for B.ed, then you can become professor and start your career in a college or university,there are multiple options reveled after that you can also do Phd and become scientist.... ► Read more
Compulsory Subjects :
1) English 2) Logic 3) Economics
4) Environment Education
5) Health and Physical Education

Optional Subjects :
[Select any One subject from each of (6), (7) & (8)]
(6) Politics or Psychology
(7) History or Philosophy or Mathematics
(8) Hindi or any language provided by the institution...
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No they are not same. The humanities are academic disciplines that study the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences.... ► Read more
You can also do counciling, travel n tourism, hotel management, media related cources, photogaphy, event managing, planning human resources, etc..... ► Read more
Hi Sonam,

You can pursue science courses at graduation level {Engineering/medical etc} only if you had science at 12th level. Some related science options are :

Cognitive science
Health science
Environmental science {MBA environmental management}
Computer application and programming
Computer networking

These course can be pursued by non science students.

All the best...
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Arts is a huge field. If you want to do a master's degree or a Phd degree you can do research work or even after doing masters and BEd you can teach.
Arts can make you a writer, a journalist and even help you to get subject oriented specific jobs.
It would be easier to specify the career details if you could please mention the subjects which you would like to take in arts so that i could specifically guide you....
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 i cleared my 12 th in the year 2003. is there is any way to apper t.y.Bcom ? I should have orignal certificate of 12th. after 12th alredy left 5&9 years. so i want to complete T.y.Bcom . Can i get some advice as i do not want to waste any more time.... ► Read more
What is the procedure to get original GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA HIGHER ART EXAMINATIONS, original Diploma Certificate- of examination held in 1969
( I posseced only PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE of the same )...
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