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Graduate diploma in hospitality management in montreal canada - 1 to 3 of 535 results

No.. a diploma is not a masters degree or a postgraduate degree...
always good to go for masters..what graduate degree do you hold?
it depends on that too......
Hi manti, you should go ahead with EMDI, you should not bother about placement as event management is flourishing !!

What you should make sure is ask EMDI Calcutta about internship and practical assignments for Event Maangement..where they would be providing these Practical Assignment .. and how many of them. Make sure you get detail of these very clearly.

Because this training and assignments will make your way to get job.

Coming to 1 year and 2 year ..you need to check its course module ..Are they adding value to the course if its for 2 years or there is no valeu addition .

Choice of Event Management or Advertising is your personal choice..But whether you chooise 2 year advertising or Event Management , Do make sure about their trainings ..practical assignments ...

All the best ..Let know if any more queries !...
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The options for hotel management graduates is mainly in hotels in there various departments. Some others options can be :

# Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies etc.
# Tourism Associations
# Cabin Crew in National and International Airlines

You can go for MBA course in marketing and sales / PR / HR /Finance / Advertising . You have some more better options. And different job profile.

Good Luck...
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