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I will suggest you to try for job first after B.TECH. First think you want to do such technical thing or you are interested in doing HR, Marketing or finace e.t.c like people of your company working in such department do. Don't decide on the basis of money as both course will give you well paying job and good career. Engineer after few year of experience move into management side. People think that management people only succeed. If you think after MBA you will succeed then only go for it . Even company have program in which they provide MBA to their employees after few year of experience..First find out you want to do such technical stuff, specialize in any such area in the field of engineering then go for M.TECH. But if you are not interested in doing such thing then go for MBA. Feel free to ask further question . Take 1 year atleast for job after B.TECH so that you can know your interest- continue doing those technical things or want to move to management side - HR, FINANCE, MARKETING, OPERATIONS e.t.c . Don't rush . You have plenty of time and years and we are there to help you ....
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