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Highest placement packages in nie mysore - 1 to 3 of 8 results


Placement depends on Economic condition, and if u do BCA then u have to go for MCA. & in animation it also depends on what course u do & from which institute.

There are various courses on animation and cartoons offered in colleges all over the country. The major colleges are:

National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad)
J.J School of Arts
Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA)
Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT - Mumbai & Guwahati
Academy of Animation and Gaming

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Its easy to join German and French as there are many organizations offering courses. German teachers command a better salary than a french teacher but most of the schools offer French. So availability of jobs for French is more and salary for German is more.

In the corporate world, there is an equal demand for other languages also. But in corporate world, you can get better placement/salary if have proficiency in multiple languages instead of going deep in one language

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Hi Alok Singh,

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