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Himachal pradesh pmt question paper for 2009 - 309 to 319 of 322 results

Go for further course if you are not able to find job yet. As far as certification in concerned it depend on your interest, the kind of job you want, requirement of company. Certifications are useful only if you are working. It is not a guarantee that you will not get job. Remember on thing whatever be the difficulties don't allow them to affect your career. It is important for you and your family both....
Do you have other option like some other job offer or someone who can help you in getting job even if you don't take up this job . This is the only option . So join it . Another thing if you don't like you job then you always have option of joining PG level qualification like MBA and M.TECH . And if you are worried that company is a start up so don't get worried actually start up might not give you very high salary but they can give you excellent learning opportunities which will be very helpful in your career and if you are doing work according to your interest then that is the best thing to happen . The opportunity that has gone is not coming back to you . So you had to optimize your potential and use your opportunity to its maximum best . After this work experience you can always move to better and big companies if you don't want to continue in this company . While you are working you can keep on applying for other job. You can get better job if you have working experience . There is no point sitting in home unemployed .

You can search job through newspapers, job portals like naukri.com , monster.com, fresherworld.com, social networking site like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE , recruitment consultants .You can also send your resume to company of this fieldYou can also take help of company personnel where you have done some project or internship.Take up Make a good resume and try to network with people in this field .You can take help of alumni network of your college in getting job in this sector.

As a fresher it is always good if you get placed from college. When you have just passed out from college , you don' have experience on basis of which you can get job and there are very less chances that you know people who can help you in finding job . So campus placement is the best way for fresher to get job

ME engineers are required in automobile, chemical, electronics, steel plants, oil exploration and refining, technical wings of arm
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It is good for you to do MBA from any recognised university. You are interested in finance, so do MBA in finance. You are also from commerce field, SO it is good for you. It provides you good opportunities in abroad also.MBA Finance is becoming a very popular choice among the many specializations offered in the MBA course. Though most MBA programmes will provide the basic knowledge of business principles, an MBA in Finance better equips one to face the cut-throat competition of a dynamic business environment.The salaries of a qualified MBA are among the best anywhere.MBA Finance increases the job opportunities, helps in changing careers or better qualifies one for a chance at career advancement or helps one to start one’s own business.

Best of Luck....
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@Ramiz, welcome to Corporate World of recruitment. Your case reminds of many such incidents of past. Anyhow, with this now you need to change your job application approach. At times, corporate clearly mention how to apply, what should be written in subject line, length of resume, etc. Follow those to apply. Mention clearly in Subject itself and not the cv. You may have to rewrite your cv.

All the best....
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Hello Manish, thank you for your valuable suggestion. I really appreciate it. But I dont want to do this technical stuff and all.. I dont understand them.10 yrs from now I dont want to see myself doing something which i dont like and which does not interest me. I want to have a secured job and thats why I am planning to prepare for IAS. I am interested in doing something which is of my interest and my capabilities. Thats why i am confused as to what I should actually be doing?... ► Read more
Go through this you will get lot of information through this answer If you were interested in Biotechnology then why did you try for B.E in Biotechnology you should have tried for B.E in computer, software e.t.c . Now as you are interested in software and is already working in SAP ABAP first thing will be to try for SAP course itself . Apart from that you can try for software courses from reputed computer institute like NIIT, IIHT, Jetking, Aptech.Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), DOEACC, CMC Limited e.t.c. and find out the courses available . Tell them your education qualification completely. so that the course is one stage ahead of your qualification. Whatever course you do it should have international certification like Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, Sun Microsystems, Prometric , Juniper e.t.c It is important to do course recognised name .There are different type of course available - JAVA Programming, C , C++ , .NET ( courses in programming languages) Certificate Course ,SQL/ PL SQL , DBA e.t.c . Get detail of course before applying for it .
If you are thinking for M.TECH then you need to prepare for GATE . M.TECH will give you full fledged degree and if you do it from good college then getting placement will not be a difficult thing . Try for Master level course first .

Information regarding civil services-
The minimum qualification is graduation, but how much time you require for preparation depend upon your abilities . Sometimes people clear the exam in first attempt , sometime they require more than 1 attempt. So see your abilities and plan accordingly. Currently i am giving you information about the exam
The minimum educational qualification is graduation from any stream The exam has three stages- prelims, mains(those who are selected in the preliminary examination only are eligible to appear in mains). and those who get selected in mains they have to appear in interview .

Preliminary exam consists of tw
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Dear Student,
It's good that you are aware of your challenges and drawbacks. However, in whatever stream you have done Engineering, go ahead and apply for similar jobs advertised in various portals and papers. If you have any personal contacts you may go through them and get your first break. Doing a job before doing MBA is also a good option as you will have experience which carries weight-age for admission into MBA. Clearing all backlogs is important at the same time. 
Best Wishes  
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The basic difference between the two courses is the study of orientation and the patterns,The M.TECH is a more detailed course with more importance given on the theoritical aspects and for which attending the classes are important.Even the projects are completed along with the classes.

Where as,MS needs less classroom attendance as it emphasizes more on the
practical aspects.Devotion towards the projects is the top most priority here.
One more difference between these two courses is the course duration,MTECH
generally gets completed in 2 years including the projects.Whereas MS can take upto 3 or 4 years to be completed as the course does not gets over till the completion of the Projects along with subjects knowledge.

It is difficult to differentiate the two in term of salary,there are examples of both
earning equal packages.
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Staring a career coaching from reputed institute and participating is good way. Another thing even lawyers earn well - Arun Jaiteley, Abhiskek Manusinghvi, Zia Mody , Harish salve all are famous lawyers and earn very well. Please go for career option according to your interest . Just dreaming is waste of time.Go for psychology assessment test if you are not able to find your own interest on your own. It will help in deciding your interest and career .This is the link where you need to go http://www.meracareerguide.com/Assessment.aspx . make a career decision on basis of results. Find your capacity and do thing according to that. I hope you want to become cricketer because you like it not because of the money as you can earn this any field if you are good in it. First find your interest and also assess your capacity. don't select career just for money. Let first decide one option and then you can ask me question.... ► Read more
There is no point feeling guilty. You have scored less marks not committed any crime. You have got good job which is a proof of your ability . So feel confident . Prepare for GATE exam and once you qualified in it after that you can do M.TECH and later PHD easily . So you will get lot of opportunities of research and teaching . Remember one thing exams are not true test of your character. You are not the first one who have not scored well in the exam . There are lot of people who have acheived great thing even they have not completed their school education . There will lot of hurdles which come in everyone's life . If you keep feeling guilty and demotivated how will you fight them . So be positive . ALL IS WELL. So work hard and think for best . There will lot of things that does not happen in your life . But if you work hard you will also get lot of unexpected thing in return .Feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more

Both the option have a wide scope.Both these options provides you great opportunities and make your future prospects bright.

But I advice you to continure with your current option i.e. embedded course. It will definetely provide you more opportunities.

Basically, It totally depends upon your interest and your capability. If you are intrested in banking field then PO job is a good option for you.

All the best................
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