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You can do MBA from IGNOU. It is best distance learning program which covers all over India.You can do MBA in Banking and Finance or in HR. Today the scope of HR is increases so I think it is better for you to do MBA in HR.

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The company secretary course has great scope in terms of the career opportunities. The candidates have immense job opportunities in private companies mainly in the area of consulting, finance, banks, corporate bodies etc. The company secretary has the major role in taking the responsibility of business in the organizations. They will be actively involved in the decision making and different policy formulations in the companies. The nature of job will be challenging which gives the candidates wide area of exposure also.

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CA is very high paid commerce course or Mba is also fetch high salary and CA with combination with is also a good option and very demanding. and also you skill is very important in any field you select. you skill will only fetch you a good job.

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 It’s good to see that you have started   planning about your career from now. Yes, you can pursue CS along with your BBE course and it will be fruitful for career.
But doing BBE in itself takes a lot of effort and time and if you are planning to go for company secretary then you are expected to give your fulltime over there also which would be very time consuming so it is up to you if you think you can manage both things side by side then you can go for it.

Company secretary generally work   as legal advisor   so if you are planning to into public limited company then you are expected to be professionally qualified as a lawyer, accountant or company secretary, though previous experience as secretary of a PLC may also be taken into account.

Company secretary of a private limited company (LTD) needs no formal qualifications. It is the director’s responsibility to ensure that the company secretary has the appropriate knowledge and experience to act as a secretary of the company.
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MBA will be a better option in your case,because job opportunities are large in case of MBA graduates and building a career after MBA is easier than MA. If you are not able to enroll for a full time MBA,choose the best Online MBA program which allows you to work full time and attent classes as you wish.NIBM is the one of the leading institute in India to provide quality Online MBA programs. They provide 1yr executive MBA for professionals,2 yr online MBA also.They have online MBA programs affiliated with Bharathiar university which is AICTE,UGC,DEC approved.I think NIBM will be a wise option for your online MBA studies.Syllabus of NIBM EMBA meets international standards. for more details visit their website ► Read more
Hello good to know that your are a career oriented girl who is pursuing B.Com & CS together. To gain a respectable position in a renowned organisation you must have versatile capability with adequate updated knowledge of all fields. But its also true that in today's competitive market its essential to have a Masters Degree to get into corporate world & survive. Getting a decent job may not be difficult but to continue in the same job successfully for years is tough if you are not that much competent enough from all aspects. Struggle for existence & survival of the fittest s per Charles Darwin is true in every aspects today's competitive world. So concentrate on your studies & score very well as per your eligibility. Besides keep yourself updated & enhance your knowledge with strong English speaking & writing capability. Groom yourself also to increase your personality level. All these combined qualities will surely fetch you a good job after completion of your study. I wish you a bright & blooming future.... ► Read more
CS itself is a good course. It provides good job opportunities.On completing the course you will basically will be an expert in the areas related to the legal aspects of the company. So you will find opportunities as the legal compliance officer of the company. You will need to advise the board on the best practices in corporate governance. Also you will be able to advice on areas like security laws, corporate laws etc. Your role will basically be a strategic adviser to the company.The initial salary of CS is 25000 minimum.

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ICSI’s eLearning Portal ( provide chance to study CS on your own living in any part in India .They help you in understanding of concepts . That is one way . I am giving you some coaching institutes name . Edu Ex

• Vignan CA Institute

• Professional Academy of Competitive Excellence

• Siddharth Academy

• Sri Sankara Coaching Centre

Feel free to ask further question .
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Ankit in terms of job opportunities both CS and ICWA have good job opportunities. MY suggestion will be to go through syllabus of both before starting the course. Find what is interesting and do that. You can also try for govt.exam like bank PO, civil services. My suggestion will be to not to leave job unless you don't find one. There are lot of job opportunities in the field of marketing and this experience will help you in getting better job.keep on applying for jobs through job portal, recruitment consultancy, newspaper, social networking sites like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE . You can also move in teaching .Feel free to ask further question.... ► Read more
Dear do not get confused with your future, but select one profession as your strength, as i come across CA is independent does not require support from other cources like.Law etc. But CS is reputed job in a corporate sector if you have done with ur MBL and CS. choice is urs.... ► Read more
Dear Friend, All the courses that you have mentioned are good. High paid salary is totally depend on your performance and percentage.One should study to her/his level best because properly studied stuff never gets ruined. It works for us in one way or the other. After completion of B.Com you can go for:-
1.M.B.A. (2Years)
2.Bank/Insurance Probationary/Development Officer Exam
3.L.L.B. (2 Years)
4.C.A. (2 Years)
5.B.Ed. (1 Years)
6.I.C.W.A. (2 Years)
7.Bachelor in Library Science (1 Years)
8.C.S. (2 Years)
9.Import/Export Diploma (1 Year)
10.M.C.A. (3 Years)
11.M.C.M. (2 Years)
12.MPSC/UPSC Exams
13.Computer Courses Tally

14.Indian Military Academy
I can suggest you MBA will be the best option for you.MBA people are in good demand in these days.
They can have plenty of opportunities in variety of sectors. In addition, if you are interested, you can go for M.Com, it is having very limited scope.Chartered Accountancy will also be a best option to join.My suggestion would be to go through MBA with Finance as the major specialization,Try to get admission in B-Schools so that there is much value for your MBA degree.
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