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how to crack cat in 2 months? - 34 to 44 of 260 results

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The courses which you have selected is quite good to make a strong career. Build your foundation strong as you are in now class X, study well and get good percentage marks.Which will help you in getting admission in good reputed colleges which provide commerce courses.Always try to keep a decent percentage of marks in all level of exams after class X,(i.e. Class XI,Graduation). So that even you do pass CAT, your percentage of marks will help you to sit for other entrance exams of top B-school colleges of the country.... ► Read more
Dear Shiv, CAT tests you on your Verbal and quant skills, also one is required to prepare for GD/PI's. Start reading some good news paper editorials, improve your vocab, internet provides lot of useful information .Last but not the least join a recommended coaching institute.... ► Read more
Career Launcher in Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad Phone:040-64573101 Mobile: 9966886400 Website: www.careerlauncher.com Email-id: [email protected].. ► Read more

Can u tell me ur state rank & state name. so that i can help u in better ways.

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Hi Tanmay!

Great that you are planning to write CAT. however, just improving your vocabulary will not suffice, you need to focus on other thinsg as well. Like the personal Interview requires you to have good spoken english skills and the written test has comprehension and reasoning section. For that diverse reading should be inculcated. You need do read lot of different articles on various subjects.

In case of more help, please let me know.

good luck!...
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Hi Subhabrata,

Following are some institues where u can get seat.

National Institute of Technology (Durgapur)
Birla Institute of Technology (Ranchi)
Birla Institute of Technology (Deogarh)
Kalasalingam University (Tamil Nadu)
M.J.P. Rohilkhand University (Bareilly)
Lovely Professional University (Punjab)
Jaipur National University (Jaipur)

Cheers !!!

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Dear Abja

To pursue MBA , you don't need to come from a specific background.Yes you can take up CAT but you need to prepare well. As long as you have your bachelor's degree you qualify for MBA.

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I hate to break it to you, but unless you are exceptionally brilliant or exceptionally lucky, CAT this year might just be a practice test for you.It generally takes months of preparation and practice to minimise errors and improve accuracy for CAT. Nonetheless, not meaning to discourage you, sometimes keeping your cool in the exam (even with less prep) could help (since qs themselves don't require more than high school knowledge).So you have a chance. Try with Time or IMS,... ► Read more
Hi Devishetty,

Civil services and CAT are two separate fields. So the choice totally depends on your interest If your interest lies in government administrative services go for IAS exams. ad if you are interested in pursuing MBA and getting into management fields. You can sit for CAT.

Eligibility for both is: Graduation { so you should at least be a graduated in any stream}

Both the exams needs a lot of dedication and very much hard work. CAT is two level exam. [ written test and interview] whereas Civil is three level exam [Prelims, Mains ad Interview] After you clear prelims you are allowed to sit for Mains only.

So choose according to your interest area.

Good Luck
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If you are willing to do career finance, you can do it as bse institute has introduce new 2 yrs full time MBA course the only cirteria is of graduation ,from any field this course also support job opportunity pls check the details here
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