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What date T Y BCom admission form are available in online
Plz side in mp sanskit board

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First learn wht do u wana ask?or write sensible hindi... ► Read more
Any one interested in Full-time or Distance MBA or BE, Eligibility criteria minimum 45% , Contact at +91 9673359461 (IBS, ICFAI) Placement 100% Guaranteed...... ► Read more
Hii..thnx for the advice, so aaft is gud one. u thnk.. and what abt the manipal university ? please let me know about the placement and the faculty over there as they are providing mba in media and entertainment .. and this is the link for manipal university..
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Rajeev keep on trying in acting jobs . Also there are institutes which provide course in acting but it will be good if you try in acting after completing your studies as acting is very risky field. You may get work but there are also chances that you will not succeed. I will also suggest you to try in reality shows as many of participants also get chance to act in serials and movies. Make your good portfolio and send it to modelling company. You can also contact producers or directors through social networking sites. As you are really interested these are list of institutes-

Film and Television Institute Of India, Law College Road, Pune 411004 (Maharashtra)
The Barry John Acting studio
National School of Drama (NSD),Delhi
Anupan Kher’s , Actor Prepares
Subhash Ghai’s , Whistling Woods International
Asian Academy of Film and Television
Center for Research in Art of Film and Television

You can also find other colleges on your own.

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Hi saketh,

Few colleges,

Bharati Vidyapeeth

D. D.Y Patil Institute of engineeirng and technology

Army INstitute of technolgy

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Hi Shruti,

There is no MBA in animation , I have not heard of it atleast ! But then there is masters program in animation.
Animation courses are meant to be learnt in practical ...and no online coaching can substitute it , Its the same way as for being a doctor you cant teach one how to operate online , same way animation would be difficult to carry online!

There are lot of animation institute , Do let know where you belong to and we will help you spot one.

All the best...
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Dont you think your college is the best place to ask on this as many of your class mate would be giving the same exams ??... ► Read more
Hello Parveen,

Computer Engineering B.Tech ki demand acchi hai provided you don't take only degree but also learn the fundamentals of programmings and various other courses taught.

For govt. job you can write PSU exams conducted every year and get into govt. jobs.

All the best !...
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To write again with science you will need to take admission in science once again. That is you need to repeat 11 and 12 with your subjects as science.

You might research about topics for 11 and 12 online but it is very very difficult to study online as there are many topics and many different subjects so it would be very difficult for you to do so by yourself.

All the Best...
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