I am a science stream student but i m not interested in engneering can i opt for something else? - 1 to 2 of 2 results

Basically, choice of stream is depend upon your interest. Find your interest then choose your stream. If you are intrested in Maths, physics want to become an engineer then you must choose non - medical. If you are intrested in Biology,then you should choose medical. And if you are intrested in accounts line and wants to do MBA or CA or CA then you should choose Commerce Stream. Choice is yours.

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Hi deepsekhar,

Confusion !!! at your stage is common. Everyone child at your age,is unable to decide what they want to be. So, dont be tensed. Still you have time to decide. Your first target should be your 10th. Which is your root for any career ahead. If you think you are good at science. You can take up science career ahead. There are ample of streams in science. Choose a career where you think you can show your maximum skills, talent and capabilities.
You can take up career assessment test here to know your abilities and career option.

best of luck...
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