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I am a science stream student but i m not interested in engneering can i opt for something else? - 1 to 3 of 22 results

Both electrical and software are a very good stream, and both have same bright future as well.....
Since its you career so you have to choose which to opt. for, no one else can choose for you.....
You just need to focus on your aptitude, your interest, you skills (till now)..... Compile them all you will definitely come out of your dilemma........
Basically, choice of stream is depend upon your interest. Find your interest then choose your stream. If you are intrested in Maths, physics want to become an engineer then you must choose non - medical. If you are intrested in Biology,then you should choose medical. And if you are intrested in accounts line and wants to do MBA or CA or CA then you should choose Commerce Stream. Choice is yours.

Best of Luck.......................
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B.TECH is best way to start career in field of CSE.. Your B.TECH degree is enough to get recruited in IT companies. But defenitely you need to work hard in your college exam and also in job interview to get placed .As a fresher it is always good if you get placed from college. When you have just passed out from college , you don' have experience on basis of which you can get job and there are very less chances that you know people who can help you in finding job . So campus placement is the best way for fresher to get job

What you need to do is to perform well in job interview or whatever their recruiting exam is. Work on things that you have learnt in your college(work on subject and conceptual clarity) , be confident, work on your communication skill , also on day of interview be prepared with necessary documents, and be properly dressed. See where you are lacking and work on it. Be flexible in terms of salary , relocation , work timing e.t.c. It will increase your chance of getting job . You can also take help of your college alumni network in getting placed.Emphasize on chance of learning that you will get in company . At the end of interview also ask 1 to 2 questions regarding company so that they will see that you have come after reading about company. Actually read about company before going for interview. If you don't know answer say no . There is no harm in it .

As you are doing B.TECH best option for further studies can be - M.TECH. You can also try for short term courses but do it while you are working or after B.TECH as you will be knowing what area you are lacking and then accordingly you can take up course.

Computer science and engineering graduates find their footing in system study, analysis, design and programming. Computer engineers design, develop and maintain software. They are engaged in analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment or w
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