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I am complete hsc in science field after hsc pass wich fields best for me - 1 to 3 of 14 results

Before discussing this issue i want to say that both are good branches and each have it's individual benefits and hence there is not much sense of making any comparison.

Although if it comes to the comparison I can say that 

(1)Computer science is an individual branch  ( or core branch ) and as far as  Information technology is concerned  it was  basically formed  with the  combination of Computer Science and Electronics and communication branch.

(2)And if i am allowed to make a bold statement then i will say at the time of recession (during  downfall of IT industry for few duration)  Computer science graduate is more preferred to continue as compared to Information technology graduate.[Although this condition vary from industry to industry so it must not be considered as general statement ].

(3) During this year B.E/B.Tech admissions in various Engineering colleges through out india  , most of the  students are preferring Computer Science branch .
May be this discussion is helpful for you.If you want to know anything else kindly feel free to contact me.Best wishes for future.


After completeing your B.E you can go with the private companies which is in delhi,banglore,pune.
you should also do the courses like web desining, ccna,dotnet,etc.
which help u in the getting the job as a software engineer.
you can also apply in the government company like
and also in government bant sector
all the best...
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