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Iim indore average package - 1 to 11 of 127 results

I think first of all u should see what u want to do? because all these are totally different career options. BDS from a pvt institute will cost u aroung 3 lakh per year. U can become a dentist if u have that aptitude. Biotech is a very good field but my personal view about biotech is that anybody doing biotech grad for getting a good salary package should avoid this field. This field in India is still going to be a research oriented field for next some years before there are jobs for every biotech grad. So if u have research oriented mind, only then u should proceed. Integrated 5 yr from IIM is good if u have management sort of orientation....
MITS Gwaliar is the best

and then Medicaps I am not sure of SVITS

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Dear venkatesh

You need to pass CAT exam to get into IIM's and similar colleges. You can sit for the entrance exam in the final year of your graduation. Eligibility for MBA is 50% in graduation in any stream.

You can start preparing for CAT exam in you graduation.

All the best...
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Hello Akriti,

Both institutes are more or less same in terms of placement.

Cheers !!!...
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Hi Ramesh,

I don't have much idea about Indore colleges but about MBA in tourism I can give you good idea.

With the growth in tourism industry more and more people are traveling abroad as well as within country thus leading to big demand for professionals in the field of Hospitality and Tourism Management. The Hospitality and Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries in the world yet still shortage of qualified and experienced professionals. Hospitality industry has one of the most exciting careers imaginable.

Its a perfect choice to go for MBA in Tourism Administration. But before going for it can you ensure that you like traveling and hospitality business and meeting new people. If you do then its perfect.

All the best...
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Dear Kusum,
to get the admission IIM (beleaving its 2 yr regular PGDM Course) you have crack entrance exam named CAT- which held 2nd last week of the november every year. if you clear the cutoff parameter you will be called for GD&PI,

as fas as quality of the placement is concern its not really affected due to recession average package is still good ( it vary from inst.to inst.
as IIM A,B and Kolkata) are on top of the pyramid...
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Hey Kusum,

For which course are you looking out for Fees ?

General fee information is drafted here:

(a) For Short Term Certificate Course Course Name Total Fee
1 Certificate Course in Tourism & Travel Management 12,500/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)
2 Certificate Course in Textile Designing 6,000/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)
3 Certificate Course in Computer Applications 2,000/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)

(b) For Diploma Courses Course Name Total Fee
1 Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management 12,500/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)
2 Diploma in Textile Designing (IInd Year) 7,000/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)
3 Diploma in Computer Applications 10,000/-Web Designing or
10,000/-Programming or
5,000/-DTP (to be paid in 3 instalments)

(c) For Advance Course Course Name Total Fee
1 Advance Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management 12,500/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)
2 Advance Diploma in Textile Designing 7,000/-(to be paid in 3 instalments)
3 Advance Diploma in Computer Applications 10,000/-Web Designing or
10,000/-Programming or
5,000/-DTP (to be paid in 3 instalments)

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Hi Shubham,

To do a CA a person should know how play with numbers. You need not be mathematician for that, but need to be good at numbers that will fetch you a better future prospects.

All the best.
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Hello Friend
This type of feeling is very common among students after their exams. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. So, don’t loose hope and worry about your result. Just think about what all you require in becoming an Automobile Engineer. Start working on them. Search about college who offers this course and inquire about their criteria. I am sure you will find an appropriate college, which would serve all your requirements....
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Dear Anil

Firstly i am an SS Officer and have been working at ISB from over two years, i have come across many officers pursuing MBA after 40+ age also, there are doctors and civil servants also doing the couses so age will not be a constraint, however in terms of placement the younger group goes ahead first due to their lesser packages and flexibility at things. Army experience is well considered by corporates if you are able to compute it in the civilian terms and is generally well regarded. You can expect a package in the range of 20-35 lakhs post completion...
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Congratulations on your achievment.
At 135 you are creamy layer for PET
And if your rank is around or below 5000 surely you will be getting SGSITS.
I preffer that you go for EC or EI
You will surely be getting them.
Have a successful career.
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