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There are some all-india coaching centres . like FIITJEE . try them...
A very typical question asked by student. And is very simple rather. Dont get confuse IIT-JEE or AIEEE examination. Both of them have similar course, rather 80% of course is similar in both the exam. So if you are preparing for one exam you are automatically covering the other examination. The best thing you can do in this situation, either join the combined coaching offered by almost every institute or join the coaching for any one of these examination and try to solve previous year question paper of both the course. This will help you work under pressure and tackle examination pressure that can be felt inside examination hall. Also this is going to remove your mental pressure during examination as you are prepared for one and practiced for another.... ► Read more
The Siddhartha was established in year 2003 to impart the best guidance and effective education by applying several innovative techniques along with the traditional format of success. "... ► Read more
As far as my knowledge, these institute put a tag line of 100% guarantee just to attract as many student as possible. There is nothing about guarantee for any of entrance examination. What if a student dont answer/mark a single question in entrance examination? How the institute is going to admit that student into IIT? So first take out this thought that a institute guarantying 100% can make you to qualify entrance exam. Qualifying the entrance is totally depend on your hard work. The effort you put in the past two years (11th and 12th class) to qualify IIT-JEE entrance. The number of time you practiced a topics to score well in you exam. All these factor counts. The institutes/ coaching classes are for your help, to support you whenever you stuck. In some good institutes/ coaching classes you'll learn some short methods to solve problem in entrance examination. But dont blindly have faith on them, they said 100% so it means they do.... ► Read more

The many very good coaching centers in Chennai for IIT coaching.
Aspire learning-Aspire coaching online
Aims Education
Brilliant Tutorials
Anugraham Classes

Many say SMART is the best coaching in Chennai.

you can visit them at.

Best of luck.
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Hi monika,

JRS is one of the best institutes of that area. Chech with them if they have hostel facilities.

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Hi Gunjan,

You didn't mention from which state you are.So I am giving the list in various places.See it and choose which one is near and best suitable for you.The best IIT coaching centers in India are:

Best IIT Coaching centers in Delhi : FIIT JEE, Akash institute, career launcher.
Top IIT Coaching centers in Mumbai : Vidyalankar, IMS learning, career launcher, FIIT JEE , Akash institute.
Best IIT Coaching centers in Kota : Bansal classes, allen career institute, career point, Resonance.
List of IIT Coaching centers in Hyderabad : Bansal classes, allen career institute, career point, Resonance.
IIT Coaching centers in Chennai : Yamuna Coaching Centre, Brilliant Tutorials Private Limited, Anugraham Classes, Ascent Education and Sriram academy.

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Nothing is difficult, if you have full confidence in yourself. CA course and IIT course both are equal. Both these fields are totally different from each other. IIT is a engineering course while CA is based on commerce field. So both are different from each other. It is basically depend upon your ability and your skills.

Best of Luck.................
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Hi renu,

Yes ! you can take coaching for IIT and other engineering exam. As far as cost of coaching is concerned. All the coaching institutes are offering 25-75 % of scholarships for good students. You can sit for their scholarship exam and clear.

Some of the best coaching are:

2. Bansal Classes
3. Narayana academy
4. Aakash Institute
5. Sri Chaitaya academy
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Hi Ravi,

New IIT's are also good. As per your marks the expected rank is around 5000 under general category. IIT's are not possible with this rank. NIT 's are also very good. If you get an options go for them. Javadpur university,BITS pilani , Anna university etc are also good options. ISMU, Dhanbad you can get mechanical .

If you have full confidence in you and wish to get IIT only ....prepare again.

Good luck...
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BITSAT is tougher than AIEEE but easier than IIT-JEE. Compare to IIT-JEE there is less trickier question. A good reading and understanding of concepts from NCERT books are a must .Feel free to ask further questions .Maths, physics, chemistry are common in all these three exams - BITSAT, IIT-JEE, AIEEE. But there are other two things that are tested in BITSAT English Proficiency and Logical reasoning. So there is extra labour that you need to do . IIT-JEE is the toughest engineering exam in our country . Once you aim for IIT-JEE your preparation for BITSAT is also done but you need to do hard work in English Proficiency and Logical reasoning. Whatever the engineering exams or any competitive exam you appear at it is always important to go through last year question papers to have idea what kind of question, paper style, toughness level, syllabus e.t.c come in that exam .Don’t spend too much time on a single question. In 180 minutes you have to solve 150 questions . Speed and accuracy matters... ► Read more

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