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According to IIT-JEE there will be two three hours question papers.
Paper 1 : From 0900 hr to 1200 hrs (Indian Standard Time [IST])
Paper 2 : From 1400 hr to 1700 hrs (Indian Standard Time [IST])

Both the paper will contain three section, i.e. "Mathematics", "Physics" and "Chemistry". All the questions in both paper will be of objective type. Student need to mark the correct answer into OMR sheet....
There will be two question papers, each of three hours duration. Both the question papers will consist of three separate sections on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The questions will be of objective type, designed to test comprehension, reasoning and analytical ability of candidates.

The answers for each of the questions are to be marked on a separate, specially designed, machine-gradable sheet of paper (ORS – Optical Response Sheet). While answering each of the questions the candidate is expected to darken the bubble(s) against correct answer(s) using black ball point pen only. In some sections, incorrect answers may be awarded negative marks.There will be aptitude test for B.ARCH students ....
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Ahh, first of all i would like to ask you "Are you an engineering student.". If yes then IIT-JEE stand for Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination. It is popular as IIT-JEE or JEE. It is the entrance examination which will admit engineering students into Indian Institutes of Technology. The IITs are the topmost engineering college of our country. They have good competition from NITs, BITS Pillani, DTU, NSIT etc.... ► Read more
According to IIT-JEE, it covers all the 15 Indian Institute of Technologies. Apart from that, it also include Banaras Hindu University, and the Indian School of Mines. In addition, the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, Indian Maritime University and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology also admit students via the JEE (Extended Merit List), and the Indian Institute of Science uses JEE scores as one of the possible admission criteria.... ► Read more
Aerospace is not a good field. No good jobs and even the very few that are available for phds. You can still join for the IIT brand, and move to software or management later on... ► Read more
HI Shera,

Well, I would suggest you take coaching to prepare for the test. Normally, IIT JEE preparation should start at leat 2 years before appearing for teh exam. nevertheless, you can make it if you have your subjects studied thoroughly.

The best thing to do would be quickly join a coaching center.

good luck!...
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There is no fixed right time for preparation . There are certain students who start preparation just after 10nth boards, some when they are in 12th,some take a break of 1 year. So it is varied . IIT-JEE is the toughest engineering exam of our country . Please go through last year question papers and then assess your abilities to know the time to start preparation for IIT-JEE. Also if you are still studying in school then you also have to prepare for school exam . So see if you can balance them . Start preparation only if you are sure of it. If not then there is no point wasting your time and money in it. Remember there are lot of career opportunities available . Feel free to ask further question.... ► Read more
School exam and IIt-JEE exam both are different things . Your school exam don't require that much in-depth preparation, clarity on concepts and practice even though the syllabus is almost the same . What you need to do is proper distribution of time . Depending upon your abilities distribute time among them . There are coaching institutes who help in preparation in both. You can take their help if you think you require . Prepare a study chart or time table for covering syllabus , revising them and doing them rigorously. Clear your doubts and work on your weak areas .Try to figure out which chapters need improvement and which are your best portions.Practice all NCERT problems while brushing up JEE chapters.Use separate practice paper for both IIT and Boards which will help you in preparation for both.
Be positive and also give time to relax yourselves . There is no point of getting panic. Finally it is exam ....
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This is one of the nice question to answer and your problem will become very small if you have earlier encounter with IIT-JEE examination environment or similar environment. If you had encounter with similar examination then you know how to tackle the problem. So for this you can join the series of mock test from any of reputed institutes or you can try to solve mock test paper or previous year question paper at home within the same time limits. This will help you in figuring out what can be the best strategy for you to attempt the final IIT-JEE examination. And you can experiment in mock test with different techniques, it will not harm you but will you figure out the best strategy for you.... ► Read more
You must divide your time between all the subjects you’re preparing for and allot time according to your comfort with the subject. If you feel you’re weak in a certain subject, you should allot more time for it.Start from Basics Approach one topic at a time and complete its revision before moving onto the next topic.Make strong points your real strong pointsCreate short notes, list all formulas and points to remember. This will help in quick revision before the examination.Try to do as many number of quality problems as possible to develop a sound confidence level. Stick to your timetable.Take up one topic at one time and try to develop complete clarity on it . Solve lot of problems with that topic and try to understand the logic behind it . Practice as much as possible by taking as many mock tests as . possible. Never rush for solutions of question unless you had tried for 5 to 6 times. Be positive and also give time to relax yourselves . There is no point of getting panic. Finally it is just an examPractice all NCERT problems while brushing up JEE chapters.Use separate practice paper for both IIT and Boards which will help you in preparation for both if you are preparing for both school boards and IIT-JEE.... ► Read more
It depends upon your performance in current year. If you had scored within 30,000-50,000 rank in IIT-JEE in current year, there are good chances of improvement and you can plan out for a drop out. Also in case you are planning drop out, consider you AIEEE performance also. If you scored good in AIEEE and getting admission in any of NIT or some other good college like DTU, Anna university etc, you may consider that option. It will be smart choice to take admission in current year if you are getting good college, because it will save your one year, and when you enter in a job, even a single year experience counts a lot. So keep this in mind and drop out in case you can improve see sign of improvement.... ► Read more

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