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Indian army recruitment in kolhapur - 1 to 11 of 92 results

There are some criteria's to be fulfilled.
1) You must be unmarried.
2) For SSC-short service commission age -should be 19 years and 25 years.
3)For SSC-short service commission degree- in any stream.
4)For CDS ( Combined Defense Services )-to join IMA-age- between 18 to 23 years
5)For CDS ( Combined Defense Services )-to join OTA-age-between 19 to 25 years
6) For CDS Both Academies IMA and OTA-Degree in any stream is required.
Where you want to be 10 years from now? Do you want to see yourself going for a  high profile job with fat salary and big car? Then go for the corporate world. If you still think you would have the adventuours streak in you become an astronaut. There you would deal with complete unknown problems almost everyday and get the kick of knowing or figuring out something as the first in the world. You might get stuck with a smaller car though!
And I dont sugget Army, not because you are a girl but because I don't like it. ...
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According to what you wrote about your passion I think you must join ARMY...... Its a safe job in case of job security, and you will get a lot of privileges during your job, moreover, a high respect for serving women...... Since your want also to rule the corporate world..... So a best option would be first complete your graduation and then apply for SHORT SERVICE COMMISSION FOR WOMEN..... In this you will be in Army for 5years and then a good job in corporate sector.....

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Yes , u can join both the forces,but b4 applying for the same u hv to fulfill certain physical conditions. physical fitness is a must in army , when it comes to police it may not require for higher positions . u can apply state service commision or police recruitement board for state police services, for central police services u hv to respond to UPSC/SSC or central police recuriting agencies, for such advertisements u hv to see daily national newspapers or concerned web sites. as far as army is concern u may login to www.joinindianarmy.nic.in..i would suggest if u r physically fit, u can prefer indian army where u may have much opportunities to grow career wise...........best of luck.... ► Read more
Dear Student,

After 12th Commerce one can apply through NDA exam for ARMY postions . For detailed eligibility criteria go through the following link :


Thanks & Regards
Shekhar Bhatnagar 

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Medically you and fit...
you can write the exam without doubt...only thing is that you should be prepared for long work hours and untoward emergencies...
you have to look out for RECRUITMENT classifieds in newspapers....
every quarter there are new doctor recruits for the armed forces
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Hi Sachin,

Please refer to Dr. Nikhil's answer in previous post of yours

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Hi Akriti,

You will have few institutes providing such courses for short and long term, find them out in your area. Besides start writing all Govt. sector competitive exams they only have basics of General English, current affairs, quantitative aptitude, reasoning. You will have some experience writing the exams and you'll understand what they want.

All the best.
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Hi Medico,

Scholarship depends on the College you opt for Medicine.

All the best.
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Please be clear with your query . Just elaborate your question.

Write back...
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Yes, there are seats for Defense. In the category of Defense the seats are allocated on the basics of priority list. Priority 1 – Widows/wards of Defence Personnel/Para-Military Personnel Killed in action. Priority 2 – Wards of serving personnel and ex-servicemen/Para-Military Personnel disabled in action. Priority 3 – Wards of ex-servicemen personnel and serving personnel paramilitary / police personnel who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards. Priority 3 – Wards of ex-servicemen personnel.
Apart for this Several colleges have their own priority list.
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