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Indian christian paramedical council - 1 to 11 of 67 results

I m studying kct college of technology.............................................................
Must have good awareness about the newly &quality products .
should have good communication skill.
one should be sincerely works for his company.
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There are some criteria's to be fulfilled.
1) You must be unmarried.
2) For SSC-short service commission age -should be 19 years and 25 years.
3)For SSC-short service commission degree- in any stream.
4)For CDS ( Combined Defense Services )-to join IMA-age- between 18 to 23 years
5)For CDS ( Combined Defense Services )-to join OTA-age-between 19 to 25 years
6) For CDS Both Academies IMA and OTA-Degree in any stream is required.
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Hi Medico,

Scholarship depends on the College you opt for Medicine.

All the best.
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Please be clear with your query . Just elaborate your question.

Write back...
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Hi ronit,

The college selections depends on the course you are interested in. ISI offers two bachelors courses B.statistics and B.maths.
Where IIT's are the best choice to opt for Btech courses. Would suggest you to decide the courses of your interest and choose college according to that.

All the best

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Hi ronit,

Indian statistical institute offers Bachelors in statistics and Bachelors in maths.MS ,Mtech and research program. There are no courses in physics.

You can opt for Physics , Applied physics , Astrophysics etc degree from other universities/institutes. Some are: Delhi university, Carmel college, Mumbai university, Pune university, Anna university, Andra university etc

All the best
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CFA is a LOT harder than CA or CPA, certainly when it comes to pass rates. But then they're very different things. It really depends on what you want to do. A CA won't help you if you really want to get into front office. CFA probably won't be as useful as a CA if you want to stay in middle or back office. I have a CA, but I'm quite happy to stay in middle office so a CFA won't help my career much.

The CA has definitely helped me in my career. Not so much the network, but the CA qualification opens a lot of doors if you work in accounting. Or to put it another way, if you don't have a qualification, a lot of jobs simply won't consider you.

All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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If you could get GMC,Jaipur or GMC Ahmedabad it would be nice...try sticking to a seat available in north india evan if you have to compromise a bit...its always beneficial due to the living conditions and the exposure you get...
rather you will not face a language barrier while speaking to patients...
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Hi Mayank ,

I can help you in this regard.

You can see more detail here by clicking ...
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